About Linkshell
RageOfDark is a Linkshell on the Ragnarok server where we have been playing FFXI since the summer of 2002 (Japan PS2 release). The shell was made by Ceis around September 2002 and we rarely add new members. Since then we have become known as the first all girl FFXI linkshell.

We are mostly Elvaans with San d'Orian pride, and we like the Monk & Dark Knight jobs. Our purpose ingame is making Ceis say "Oh my", tarutaru love and messing around. All our -chu tarus are named after Takochu, the most loveable taru ever.

The ROD name is from War of Genesis III part 2. They were a resistance group that wanted to get rid of discrimination and class distinction on a planet called Glory. You can find more about RageOfDark at Acumen.

Please don't ask for pearls nor be offended when we don't offer them. This is a small linkshell of friends and it isn't changing, ever.