Location Photo

  West Ronfaure
Our first few levels were spent here. We are in noob gear and wondering if we should kill some sheep.

  La Theine
Really huge expanse of land south of Ronfaure. Beautiful flowers, rains and windy sometimes. We are resting near the Ephemere.

Famous waterfall in North Gustaberg. Everyone comes to take screenshots at the bridge.

Fishing at the port of Selbina while waiting for a boat to arrive. Not much goes on at Selbina aside from subjob leveling parties, high level questers and buying higher level spells.

  Buburimu Peninsula
Standing around near the outpost at Buburimu. It's a less blinding version of Valkurm.

  Siren Sands
Leveling on pugils at the beaches in Valkurm. Tomoh makes rare appearance.

  Ordelle's Caves
Pretty caves below La Theine plains. Doing some San d'Oria mission here.

  La Theine
Racing eachother on chocobo to Jugner Forest.

  Lake Mechicume
The "Jason lake" in Jugner Forest, very eerie looking.

  Lower Jueno
Most busiest place in the game, and nice architecture. Oosh is in the foreground selling his warez.

  Maze of Shakhrami
Leveling in the dark muddy caves. We entered from Tahrongi Canyon.

  Khoonta Dunes
Leveling at Buburimu Peninsula's dunes. Pangu makes a rare appearance.

  Khoonta Dunes
Finding a cave passageway to the bard quest runes while leveling on pugils.

  Ordelle's Caves
At the Knight (Paladin) quest waterfall deep in Ordelle's Caves.

  Port Jueno
Running to catch the airship and made it just on time.

  Fort Gheslba
Killing orcs for money became a ritual. The view of Ronfaure up there is nice though.

I love aurora borealis at Qufim. It happens when light element is strong. Light Elemental spawns during that time too.

  Garliage Citadel
Easy exp on skeletons to get here, but so many rivals. Sheila and Ceis, Kinoko and Mall lovelove couples.

Nice view of Qufim when it's not Thunder or Light element time.

  Yughott Grotto
Came here by mistake when trying to find the way out of Fort Ghelsba.

  Beaucedine Glacier
Really pretty snowy place you can get to from Xarcabard or Ranguemont Pass. I love snow, but sometimes it becomes too strong and I can't see.

  Horlais Peak
At the top of the mountain at Ghelsba is a nice hot spring with a huge view of the fort and Ronfaure. We were doing a quest here.

  North San d'Oria
Near the Consulate buildings and messing around with our equipment. Hand-me-down Kirie got the white gi soon after.

At the bottom of the waterfall is a cave, behind it is the Stone Monument for a quest.

  La Theine
After it rains, you might see a rainbow. I saw it while riding chocobo, so I stopped to take screen.