Location Photo

Kirie riding the airship at sunset (best time!)

  La Theine
Waiting for party members to hunt tumbling truffle (nm that drops special hat) at Crag of Holla.

  Ship to Mhaura
First boat ride between Selbina and Mhaura.

  Jugner Forest
Lake to fish for crystal bass.

  Fei Yin
Kirie being raised by Sheila outside of Fei Yin.

Nightflowers at Qufim.

  Ordelle's Caves
Opening a race equip chest in Ordelles.

Scary place, dragons are normal monsters here. Someone in the foreground who was level 50+ took one on and died.

  Mog House
Flowers Kirie grew in her mog house.

  Ru'Lude Gardens
Walking tree dressed as an xmas tree. Chicho said they're in various cities in the game.

Running through the northernmost parts of Xarcabard while invisible.

Break level 55 cap quest alliance. Less than half of it in screen.

One of the tunnels to the NMs. I got hit by the special of the hardest one and almost died.

  Castle Zvhal Baileys
It's hell.

  Castle Zvhal Baileys
Throne room. Going down the steps to give house visit.

  La Theine
Morning sky is nice.

  Ru'Lude Gardens
Doing some M10 prep. WE RUSHED IT DOWN.

  Qulun Dome
Beadeaux magicite area of M10.

Taking the tarutrain to Vazu Gate.

  Valkurm Dunes
The night sky with a full moon was nice.

Huge sun shining at Xarcabard.

  Ru'Lude Gardens
Spring is celebrated like this in Vana'diel.. Year I am wearing a rapier called "Mail Breaker".

  Korroloka Tunnel
Korroloka seems to be a fossilized area, an underwater connection between Gustaberg and the island area Kuzotts. Reminds me of that forgotten Cetra city in FF7.

  East Altepa Desert
The first time I was in the desert there was a sandstorm. We spotted this tornado and tried running inside it, didn't get carried away with it though.

  East Altepa Desert
The place usually is heat wave during the day and calm at night, still it's a pretty dry and dull area.