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One of the three new 'dead towns' in the Ziraat expansion. This one seems to be built around an Oasis, not much happening here.

Really festive and laid back for a place in the area where antmen live. Antmen I think destroyed and took over the Galkan's homes.

  Yhoator Jungle
The Temple of Uggalepih is an ancient place covered with flowers and waterfalls. The Tonberries inside worship an evil goddess. Taken during an M18 attempt rape session.

  Temple of Uggalepih
The main room of Uggalepih, it reminded me of the first time Tidus enters Baaj Temple in FFX.

  Bostaunieux Oubliette
Only our home in San d'Oria and Chateau D'Oraguille would have a traditional dungeon with sewers.

The home of Gilgamesh, pirates, ninjas and some samurais are here. After Rank 6, the game's story sets this place as like a base of operations. That boat should be useable in a later expansion.

  Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
A nice change from all the green tropicalness in most of the new areas. Weird crystals and monsters here.

  Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Crystals are buried underground also. Something mysterious happened here, many undead come out at night. People dying and crystals forming are maybe related.

At the north of Zi'Tah is this crag or cermet looking place. The map is in the shape of half a colliseum. As found out in a Ziraat mission, all those cermet looking places ingame are related.

Everything here is magic active and dangerous to even level 60. I don't look forward to when we must go through this place..

  Dragon's Aery
Another place we shouldn't wander into. From the deepest part of the Boyada Tree is this home of what is probably a HNM Dragon. It looks really nice though.

Home of Mithras. A festive island resort looking place filled with monkeys.

I like the lanterns and stuff during the night. I also like all those strange decorations that are hanged everywhere.

  Yuhtunga Jungle
At night some weird big flowers glow like this.

A corner of Giddeus, never really took screens of this Yagudo home.

  La Theine
Windy sunset near the valley to Ordelle's.

  Jugner Forest
Found a riseki Bebetaro on a bridge crossing Vadout Brook.

  North Gustaberg
Waiting to do THF AF2 for fatty Siu at Zeikt Creek.