Monster Photo

Leveling up white mage with Erusione, a very formal, polite player who acts like a real knight. I rarely play same time as him though.

  Delkfutt's Tower
With Gackt doing a mission together and fighting Giants. Sheila and Kirie were lower level than should be doing this mission, so Gackt and Ceis did most of the work.

Fighting orcs with english player alliance. Doing the final part of the Knight quest. A named monster was waiting for us too.

  Batallia Downs
Finding a named walking tree monster in Batallia. I was too low level to fight it.

Fighting orcs in Davoi. The orcs became so easy that all mages whipped out their weapons. We decided to go to Garliage after.

Leveling white mage while at Qufim during an aurora borealis. There were other white mages in the party, so I was using black magic.

  Fort Gheslba
Making some of those infamous trains. This was before Ceis and I had area attacks to wipe them out, we both almost died.

  Beaucedine Glacier
Fighting rare Dark Elemental. The only good attacks against Elements are magic. At our level it was not a hard battle.

  Beaucedine Glacier
Fighting Golems, they're huge and look like they had a heart attack when dying.

  Rolanberry Fields
Fighting Gobbues and Ochus in Rolanberry for quest items. We found a barn house and other strange things while wandering around.

More orc combo killing with friends in Davoi. I rarely actually face the monsters in battle.

  Ranguemont Pass
Killing eyes for lenses while on M11. Many didn't have Xarcabard telepo crystal yet. Someone subbed bard, and someone is getting stoned.

  Beaucedine Glacier
Many monsters were active to Kirie, and killing them with so many people is fun.

  Fei Yin
Fighting Shadow, undead tall Elvaan male type monsters. They're very scary when they suddenly start running to you.

  Ship to Selbina
Sheila and Ceis shouting on the ship woke up the seamonk.

  Ship to Mhaura
First time I saw pirates from another ship board us and attack. So much fun when everyone realized what was happening. Everyone helped one another in healing.

  Buburimu Peninsula
Pugil reberu age fights on bubu pen.

  South Gustaberg
After going through hell on the kill 100 enemies quest to get the job, I tried Dark Knight. I like big sword. I like Dark Knight.

  Dangruf Wadi
Leveling my weak thief with Ceis paladin at Dangruf Wadi. I always double lvl up with his Paladin.

  Fort Ghelsba
Orc farming at ghels.

Kirie leveling warrior with a party in valk

  Crawlers Nest
In Crawlers' Nest, fighting a Mushussu.

  Fei Yin
A Specter monster D: Scary undead elvaanssss.

  West Ronfaure
Sheila and Kirie with their pettos in Ronfaure.

  West Ronfaure
Sheila and her petto rabbit.