Monster Photo

  Fort Ghelsba
A train of orcs on top of Kirie in Ft. Ghelsba O`A`O

The evil Lilith Rod's absorbing MP effect. Similar to Dark Knight's Blood Weapon, except that it's red/pink.

Sheila and Ceis fight Light Elemental in Qufim.

Cool blue dagger for black mages only that I started using.

  Ranguemont Pass
Fighting Tros, a kraken type monster for BRD AF1 quest. The spell I did is Tornado.

Fighting Chaos Elemental for BLM AF1 quest.

Third time we killed this hyper NM orc, all the monks (liek 5 of them) used their special and raped it.

  Ordelle's Caves
When hunting at the deepest part of Ordelle's you see Air or Water Elementals often.

  Toraimarai Canal
A dark elemental called Magic Sludge. Couldn't get a good shot with 12+ black mages doing our best spells and monster links all around us.

  Beaucedine Glacier
New Years "event" of strange sheep roaming about to trade to for fortunes.

  Beaucedine Glacier
Ice elements spawn near the frozen lake here.

  Castle Zvhal Baileys
Shadow Lord is a wuss.

Casting lightning spell Burst on one of the highest level Quadavs ingame.

  La Theine
If you are elvaan, stand on a taru, target lock them, go to headcam mode, then start casting self spells. Some trippy stuff!! This was StoneSkin on Takochu.

Freeze spell on a Yagudo. Hard to get a nice screen of it, it has two main effects.

  La Theine
Nady throwing some rocks at monsters.

  Delkfutt's Tower
Messing with Mimas during M9.

  Rolanberry Fields
Black Mage doing martial arts by wearing no weapon and subbing Monk. This is tackle on a goblin.

  Crawler's Nest
Bad screen of a fire element we killed for the hell of it. It ended up dropping Siusum's AF2 item.

  Rolanberry Fields
HNM battle against Simurgh. Farplaner, Chicho and Roido somewhere in the foreground.

  Behemoth's Dominion
HNM battle against Behemoth with Takochu's other LS. So many other LS rivals were around, we didn't expect to get it but we did.

  West Ronfaure
First time I used Leviathan, pretty strong against orcs. Most of it's better abilities come at far later levels.

  West Ronfaure
First time I used Shiva, kinda weak. She doesn't have much to offer until level 28. Since I was one of the first people to have summons on server, many people wanted to see her used anyway.

  West Ronfaure
First time I used Garuda, useful for most of the leveling on worm types which a summoner does. The party Blink magic at level 25 is very useful.

  Battalia Downs
First time I used Ramuh, strangely his design outclasses the others by so much. Very useful summon especially in Qufim. Most of the Summoner's leveling will involve using his party abilities and stunning the opponents.