Monster Photo

  West Altepa Desert
The sabotendars in this game look strange and run with their arms flailing about.

  Delkfutt's Tower
Ceis found an NM that was a very different looking giant with scary markings.

  Korroloka Tunnel
Spiders are just about everywhere in new areas. I hate them!

  Battalia Downs
It's snowed while I was leveling summon skill. This is Shiva's Freeze Armor ability.

  Throne Room
First time we have been here in a while, doing M12 for Deis who is busy making baggies in the background.

  Throne Room
We were cocky at the start, having a very strong party but Bebetaro disconnected in mid battle, right after Shadow Lord did his invincible move!

  Throne Room
Things got interesting but we managed to defeat the Shadowlord with little MP, no SPs and no convert left.

  Throne Room
We beat his arse silly and visions of Cornelias danced in his head.