About Rinoa.nu

Rinoa.nu was purchased in the summer of 2000 as a place to store my videogame related websites. The name comes from my favourite Final Fantasy VIII character, Rinoa Heartilly. The network was named ‘dark princess’ for the recurring theme across my game related websites over the years. Whether raven-haired or associated with the night, the characters are royalty – or at least they are in their own right. All the sites have been archived for some time.

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The current layout is inspired by my luxe pastel-coloured love mae butterfly decals and the shabby chic white decor of my home office which has the various wing-themed accents. It also reminds me of biking on Centre Island with the Team Lace girls soon after my fairytale wedding in a castle. Looking forward to having a custom bike built that will look similar to the one in this lovely piece of art by Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat! Sheila Knight
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