Affinity   306K
Short clip from the trailer of Juclecia and Calintz discussing what affinity means to them.

Juclecia's Appearance   286K
Loclei introduces her to Shurenlord who is escorted by Drake and an army. (This is not the real Juclecia)

Juclecia's Real Appearance   909K
Calintz' party finds Juclecia and her maid by chance, and he figures out that she is the true Imperial Princess.

Juclecia and Shurenlord   73K
The false Juclecia barely tries to calm a worried and confused Shurenlord.

Time Passes By...   5MB
MP3 rip of the ending theme song's music.

Ending Song Info
Lyrics and info on the ending theme, Time Passes By.

Theme of Estell   3MB
MP3 rip of the full lullaby sung by Estell. Heard after the ending.

Bard Hopes   4MB
Bard Hopes, narration and music track from the OST, ripped by Tenil.

Time Passes By - Club Mix   3MB
Time Passes By - Club Mix from the OST, ripped by Tenil.