Magna Carta also goes with the recent trend towards making asia developed fantasy games, more asian. Not only that, the level of detail now is so high, that I won't describe the obvious.

According to Hyung-Tae Kim, this game's design concepts are based on the middle ages of the East. Not exactly a traditional fantasy middle age, but one where the Eastern culture spreads and assimilates into the Western one.

Juclecia's usual costume has mostly Chinese and Indian elements. Mainly her hairpin, her reptilian and mehndi shaped tattoos, the clothing cut and materials, sandals and way her clothes are draped around her. Another point is her chinese lamp and how originally she would have had straps around her arms and neck, which became tatoos. Her hair also originally had 'curled pigtails' similar to Joan from War of Genesis 3.

In the intro you see her dressed a little differently, more formally for the event of returning to the palace. The clothes in that clip have more lace, and European adornments. But the clothes still keep the non-symmetrical look.

In my opinion, I think he was inspired by Lulu from Final Fantasy X for Juclecia's general design. I don't think I need to point out why.. His favorite designs for this game are Adora and Felicia.