forum: Digital Flare

Lots of thanks to the #gen family, (incl. yukie and her friends for early translations), Myorui, Shirazuki, Seraphim, Tenil, mczzang and Yurui for helping me with lots of things I'm unsure on. Although I fumbled through most of the game's controls, they were there to correct or clear up any confusion I had. Thanks to Joan for re-scanning the black and whites for me. Again, thanks to Softmax staff for making everything possible.

Barret helped me in making this layout not look like ass, by suggesting the sandstone texture! Indian Ink is what came to mind when I was almost done, and later I realized that the art of Juclecia on the layout was made to look like it was done in Indian Ink. This is one of my first layouts with Photoshop. Brushes from VBRUSH.

Thanks to Psyche (and her mom) for translating a bit of the world story at DF, I thought of a title for the little site. When I wasn't sure, I asked Psyche in #gen and she told me "hwang nye" was the word used for Juclecia's political position. In this game's situation, it was officially translated as "imperial princess".

  my opinion
Juclecia is no heroine, I guess you can say she's a bit of an anti-heroine, which is why I like her so much. Unlike most females in this game, she's highly elusive, being a political mover and shaker with finesse. Instead of physically fighting out of her problems, her power is rooted in subtlety and craftiness.