Magna Carta takes place on a large main continent of the world, Efferia. It's as large as the east half of our North America and it has been split into 7 regions. In the past, wars between the 5 races made Efferia a land without peace and many have fled from it.

However, 100 years ago the great King Luanan conquered all the regions and built the Efferia empire. The capital became Shudelmir, and around it nations Bi-ere, Sirat, Marhakatte, Krois and others came into dominance. Since then Shudelmir and in effect, Efferia would be in control by an Emperor, and Shudelmir became the crux of all major political battles.

All of Shudelmir is split into the northern region of the river, Schmir, and Delmir, the southern region of the river. The Emperors live in the Imperial Castle Elcritian. It is strategically situated on the Leitienne River, equally shared between Schmir and Delmir.

Before King Luanan passed away, he summoned all the throne successors of each nation and made a council. At first they were thought to be as someone taken hostage from their nation, but in the future they would be known as the Orakhan Council. King Luanan gave them nearly all the power over their nations and soon they took began to take charge of all affairs.

When he died and a young Emperor was enthroned, their power and influence became greater than whoever was going to be King. The King was only left to take care of minor affairs. Unexpectedly, some Orakhans wanted him removed completely, and produced an Empress in the hopes she could hold more power and influence than the Emperor. To counter it, other Orakhans commited political conspiracy and this caused a ripple of effects on the continent.

One of those effects was the amount of monsters everywhere. Monsters have hugely increased in numbers since the new Emperor had been enthroned and there are rumors floating around as to why. One of them was that the anti-imperialist group Vermillion has been kidnapping people from cities and turning them into monsters. Since the kidnapping rate and monster rate increased together, the rumor spread like wildfire.

Some believe Vermillion created monsters to ruin the Emperor and others say its for revenge of their dying nation. Obviously the rumor also could have been made only to create more hate against Vermillion.

Vermillion is a rebellion group, labelled as terrorists. It is made up of the survivors of a country defeated during the war, Krois. Most Krosian are now slaves and have to live under other countries' rules, begging and having in general a very miserable life. Some people didn't want to live like this forever, and formed Vermillion to get revenge on the Shudelmir Kingdom that ruined their lives.

The Krois Kingdom was destroyed by Clive (Juclecia and Shurenlord's father). Krois was his mother's homeland and he invaded it while his own uncle was ruling as King. His simple reason for invading and destroying it was to complement his power as Emperor and stop the growing political power among his own relatives.

Vermillion once had a leader named Ropeidon, one with charisma and the ideals. When he died the two most influencial members known as Ferenan and Tristan ended up becoming leaders. They wanted to reconstruct Krois starting as an army and having support among the slaves and unnamed nobles. However as their acts became more violent, people feared them instead. Also, Tristan doesn't seem to be as fully present as he used to be...