Juclecia Sebine Re Elcritian (쥬클레시아 세비네 르 엘크리챤) is prounounced as it seems in english. The only confusing part is that the second 'c' in Juclecia is pronounced like an 's'. The 'ti' in Elcritian is just like 'shi'.

Juclecia is her given name while Sebine is her last name (presumably Estell's last name, since Clive's last name is Reopold). Re Elcritian is affixed to the name of anyone in the immediate Royal Family living in Elcritian. The way Re is used is just like actual traditions in Europe, when adding to last names or showing what family one has become a part of.

The name Juclecia is unique to the game Magna Carta while Sebine is a variant of Sabine, both are female names and have meanings. A Sabine is a member of an ancient people of central Italy, conquered and assimilated by the Romans in 290 B.C. Sorta matches the people of Marhakatte.