Juclecia is the daughter of King Clive Reopold Re Ecritian and his second wife, Estell of Marhakatte. Since the family ruled Shudelmir, she was raised and educated as a proper noble. Her studies also included the arts, like playing the piano. As future Empress, all the nobles loved her and showered her with attention.

10 years ago Estell was assassinated by an unknown political enemy while she was living in the Elcritian Palace. The person behind her assassination was supposedly Clive, who hired someone from Vermilion (a terrorist group) to kill her. The whole thing was covered up from the public. It also meant that Juclecia no longer had power nor influence, since her one tie to the royal family was severed.

Since then Juclecia was said to have been relocated by Clive to the southern region of Elder and lived in a monastery for a long time, alone. Clive did not bother to see her until the last day before she left. People thought she was there because of sickness as Clive said it was for medical treatment, but Clive really exiled her from Shudelmir. Many people found this sudden change suspicious, but as soon as Leona Etlin Re Elcritian became pregnant, nobles and everyone soon forgot about Juclecia. Leona's newborn son, Shurenlord Reopold Re Elcritian would succeed as the heir to rule Shudelmir.

Juclecia lived a dull life, mainly alone and hardly remembered her past. She gets a visit from Marhakatte Orakhan Willight, who tells her the truth about Estell's death and conveniently offers to help plot revenge against the current Empress and all those who support her. Juclecia, who meekly held her anger to herself all this time wanted them all to pay for her loss.

Recently, Shurenlord learnt about Juclecia and innocently invites Juclecia back to the Ecritian Palace. As seen in the intro, Juclecia is returning but has not forgiven the Shudelmir Kingdom. When she arrives, memories of Estell again live strongly inside her for some reason.

Juclecia is more headstrong and willing to take risks, unlike how she was in the past. She skillfully hides her anger with a smile and disinterested, composed actions. Underneath, she dangerously plots vengeance on all the nobles who once revered her.

Juclecia conspires with people from various neighboring countries only thinking of her purposes. With their support she plans to overthrow her half-brother Shurenlord and take the throne.

One of the kingdoms supporting her is Marhakatte. The same one Estell was from, and the one which also lost power with her death. They work for her by rallying support from nobles, but some ministers believe that once she is in power they would be in a losing position. Afraid that their lives and powers were at stake, they also create plots to have Juclecia out of the picture.

On top of this, the Vermilion terrorists have anticipated Juclecia's return and also plan to have her killed.

Juclecia's death is strongly foreshadowed and she's not a playable character because she's just a Princess. She however plays an important political and spiritual (if it can be called that) role in the game.