Clive Reopold Re Ecritian
Juclecia's father and former King of Shudelmir who died of old age. He was cruel ever since he was young and orchestrated the destruction of his own home Kingdom in Krois. His reasons were simply because he feared his uncle's (on his mother's side) growing power before he would be able to inherit the throne there.
Estell (Sebine)
Clive's second wife and Juclecia's mother who was a native of Marhakatte. She had an angelic smile and although she was very quiet, she truly playful and like a tomboy when with children. She also was an unforgettable mother figure to Calintz. Her death was conspired by Clive because although she was a spy for Vermilion, the leader doubted her.
Tristan (Unbeter)
Royalty of Krois, one of the leaders of the terrorist group Vermilion, Ladrinne's husband and Estell's killer. Vermilion is actually made up of survivors of the Krois Kingdom who escaped slavery by Shudelmir under Clive's rule. They seek revenge on Shudelmir and are also connected to the recent increase in monsters. Eventually he becomes the worst enemy in the game. He and Calintz have a bond but it is a spoiler.
Shurenlord Reopold Re Elcritian
Juclecia's half brother, who is the heir to the Shudelmir Kingdom. He is the son of Clive and Leona. He's around 10 years old now and wishes to have friends closer to his age, which is why he invites Juclecia back to Elcritian Palace. Being a child, he's unaware of the political turmoil around him.
Leona Etlin Re Elcritian
The first wife of Clive, and Shurenlord's mother. Although she is noble she doesn't think less of people who are not, because of this she has won the respect of Shudelmir's people. She is beautiful, has a warm nature, and doesn't involve herself in politics very much.
Calintz Jerevinan
Both Calintz and Juclecia have similar histories, and sources of power (the Emblem) but they have differing personalities and views. They met and had an inexplicable bond of understanding, and then Calintz became Juclecia's guard. Calintz was an orphan who was adopted by King Helios of Sirat, because he was a favorite student who excelled in sword fighting. Helios has a (biological) next heir, but he plots to have Calintz succeed him instead.
Willight Riziem Ernst
Willight comes from Marhakatte and leads a rebellion against Shudelmir. He seems polite and aids Juclecia in her effort, believing Juclecia can really become Empress. However, he wants to be a man of power, so his intentions are not always in Juclecia's best interests.
Adora has a mysterious origin. She seems to appear from nowhere in particular whenever Juclecia isn't around, and has a strong liking for Calintz, she also reminds Calintz of Estell. The opposite of Juclecia, She hides her inner angst over searching for her true self by being overly outgoing, a tomboy and flirty. She and Juclecia have an important bond but it is a spoiler.
Gilbert Ropponso Descralda
Calm and composed on the outside, Gilbert actually holds plenty of power. Physically he's adept with the sword, while mentally he holds an abundance of political and historical knowledge that nobody alive could possibly know. This is because Jade, who was a friend of Unbeter's, tried to seize Unbeter's power after he watched him die. Jade killed Gilbert in the process and then became a new Gilbert with Jade's memory using an Emblem. He also adopted a commoner girl named Chelsea, because she was strong with magic.