time passes by...
Music: Sung-woon Jang (장성운)
Lyrics: Su-Hye Jo (조수혜)
Vocals: Ji-Young Um (엄지영)

Where art thou
Wherefore art thou
Shall I say the words never heard before
Please take my hand
For it will be the last chance to hold
Hold my soul

Time passes by, will my heart ever be healed
I know it's just a lonely life
I knew it's just for a while

Let me explain, I'm in so much pain
For it will be the last chance to say goodbye
Though I leave you now
I will promise to keep you in my heart
Deep inside

And we must be strong
Although we are far apart
My love, never forget the light
A true love will be here for you

Not even time can take away all of our memories
Though you're far, far from me
Your spirit will always be the light that guides me
That guides me