Juclecia's voice is acted by Myung-Sun Lee (이명선). She put a very seductive and melodic tone to the character's voice, matching her full appearance. Like any professional, she put everything into her performance as though the game is a work of art. Even though her acting has a powerful role in the game, she still had fun while doing it.

She's extremely versatile, talented and has worked with Softmax before. Not only that, she does the voices of Estell and Adora in the game (for a reason relating to the story). You would recognize her previously as the voice of the firey redhead, Joan in War of Genesis. She also believes she has improved much with her talent since then.

Myung-Sun was born in Pusan on May 22, 1973. Her interests include movies, music, eating and cats. She also has her own webpage at Firecat's House.

She started voice acting in 1995 and has been active ever since. She has done many other roles, including varied leading anime roles.

Recently she has done an interview on her role as Juclecia to promote Magna Carta. A video of the interview can be seen here.