Friends who collaborate with Rebelling Princess.  

Rebelling Princess is exclusively affiliated with the following websites and is a member of the Heartilly Family. The websites are owned by close friends who have lent me their knowledge and talents for decades. Hopefully a Squall shrine for this one to hughug will take the third affiliate spot.

LOVELESS –Tifa Lockhart


Loveless is Jennifer's shrine to Tifa of Final Fantasy VII. As the first site ever to do Tifa justice, it unearthed information, media and observations previously unseen by fans. Since Tifa and Rinoa are heroines we love, we are highly motivated to improve each other's websites. Jenn is a sister to me – we've had enough afternoon teas in London, Dublin, Paris and beyond to last a lifetime!

Final Fantasy Online


Final Fantasy Online is one of the oldest portals to the series, it was also known as FFSociety. The staff and forum members are also the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the series, making them an invaluable resource for the most random things! I've met and become close friends with with many of the members from Canada, USA and England.