Sant' Angelo di Roma

Rinoa's own guardian angel.  

Angelo was modeled after a Black Tri Australian Shepherd that one of Tetsuya Nomura's coworkers owned. These dogs are known for being intelligent, precocious, mischievous and protective. They have good sight, are good at catching objects, and sometimes can be so dominant they won't like to be told what to do. This includes wanting to be with their master all the time. Although they are reserved and cautious with strangers, they are not shy.

Name: アンジェロ
Age/Height: 2 / 55cm
Birthday: December 13
Sex: Female
Likes: white chocolate, sushi, apples,
yogurt, peanut butter
Dislikes: Dog Food, Strong Spicy Food
Sounds: barking, howling, hurt, whining

Although Angelo is a female dog, Rinoa named her after a male Roman Catholic saint. The name was chosen for the game because it means Angel, making it one of many things foreshadowing Rinoa's destiny. However, Angelo's full name is based on a real place in Italy. Castel Sant'Angelo di Roma today is known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome.

FF8 Ultimania Profile

Angelo is like family to Rinoa. The dog even has a similar personality to Rinoa's. Like a spoilt child, she doesn't like being separated from Rinoa. She also likes to eat food that is otherwise very unhealthy and dangerous for dogs to eat very often. This is because Rinoa would often share or give Angelo her leftovers.

The first time Rinoa met Angelo was at the Timber Pet Shop two years ago. Angelo was a newborn puppy and at first glance Rinoa knew she had to have it. She then secretly bought it using all of her allowance, without telling her father. Angelo is very wise and immediately memorizes new tricks from the pet magazines. A unique characteristic is that Angelo has no tail.


Angelo's Appearances

  • Forest Owl Base – Timber
    When you first meet Rinoa, she introduces Angelo as her 'partner'. Angelo is then left in Rinoa's room and whimpers at the lack of attention.
  • Lunar Gate – Esthar
    When Rinoa is in a coma, Angelo runs in and whines. Angelo then barks at the Lunatic Pandora's arrival before anyone human can hear it. It's also revealed that Angelo is female.
  • Edea's House – Centra
    When Rinoa is back, she visits Edea for guidance. Angelo scratches her neck in front of the house then runs off to the flowerfield. Angelo pants then leaves with the other party member.
  • Balamb Garden – Ending
    During the ending credits FMV Angelo can be seen running through the Quad to and from the balcony where Rinoa and Squall are.
  • The Bouncer – Cameo
    A fighting game that Tetsuya Nomura designed characters for shortly after FF8 was completed. Angelo is displayed as the DOG STREET mascot on Sion's clothes and various signs.