Rinoa's Japanese Glossary

"You have to voice your feelings..."  

While working on FF8, Tetsuya Nomura spent time putting thought into how Rinoa would say things and built a "Rinoa Glossary". The formatting used below is based on how the lines appear in FF8 Memorial Album. If you ever catch me speaking or using macros in FF11 as Black Mage, you might have seen more of "Rinoa's Glossary"!


  • 「君が一番カッコいいね。」
    "Seems you're the coolest guy here."
    –Rinoa to Squall at the Dance Party

  • 「好きにな~る、好きにな~る。 ダメ?」
    "You're sta~rting to like me, you're sta~rting to like me. No good?"
    –Rinoa to Squall at the Dance Party

  • 「やった~! SeeDが来てくれた~!」
    "Yay~! SeeD came~!"
    –Rinoa to Squall at the Forest Owl Base

  • 「失礼ね! それはわざとよ、わ・ざ・と!」
    "How rude! That was on purpose, ON * PUR * POSE!"
    –Rinoa on her train model at the Forest Owl Base

  • 「いいよん。」
    –Rinoa hands Squall her contract with Garden at the Forest Owl Base

  • 「カッコわるぅ~。決定に従う? それが仕事? 命令に従うだけなんて、と~っても楽な人生よね」
    "So sa~d. Obey my decision? That's your job? Just following commands must be a rea~lly easy life!"
    –Rinoa to Squall at Timber TV Station

  • 「これは命令で~す。クライアントの依頼で~す。」
    "Thi~s is an order. Thi~s is your client's request."
    –Rinoa to Squall at Timber TV Station

  • 「・・・やさしくない。やさしくない!」
    "...That's not nice. That's not nice!"
    –Rinoa to Squall at Forest Fox House

  • 「こわかったんだよ・・・。ほんとに、こわかったんだよ。」
    "I was scared... really, scared."
    –Rinoa to Squall at Presidential Residence

  • 「おハロー。」
    "Ohayo" (good morning) and "hello" put together.
    –Rinoa waking Squall up at Balamb Garden

  • 「て、てれるぜ」
    "I'm s-speechless."
    –Rinoa shyly stutters when Squall says that she's seriously his girlfriend

  • 「ちがうのちがうの!」
    "It's not like that, it's not like that!"
    –Rinoa to Zell on borrowing Squall's ring

  • 「ハグハグ。ギュ~って。」
    "Hug hug. Ti~ghtly."
    –Rinoa to Squall after boarding the Ragnarok

  • 「悪かったな。」
    "My bad."
    –Rinoa mimicks Squall's "whatever" in Ragnarok's cockpit

  • 「未来なんか欲しくない。今が・・・ずっと続いてほしい。」
    "I don't want the future. I want the present to... stand still."
    –Rinoa to Squall in Ragnarok's cockpit

  • 「あ、ゴマカシてる~。」
    "Ah, you're LYING~."
    –Rinoa on Squall pretending he forgot while behind Edea's House

  • 「私、きっと・・・消えちゃうな・・・。」
    "Am I really... going to disappear..."
    –Rinoa during Time Compression