Anarchist Monthly

"You have to voice your feelings..."  

Due to the lack of radio-based transmissions, the world of FF8 is heavily influenced by magazines. Squall likes a magazine called Battle Series, Laguna worked as a freelancer for Timber Maniacs aka Tim Mani, and a recurring joke is the naughty magazine Girl Next Door.

Stored in the conference room of the Forest Owl Base is a collection of clippings from Anarchist Monthly. It exposed the Galbadian Government's secrets and lies. A reporter who worked on it was taken away to the prison for telling the truth about the President.


  • Anarchist Monthly – First Issue!!!
    Galbadia's dictator, President Vinzer Deling Special! How does he stay in power!? We reveal his darkest secrets!!!

  • Anarchist Monthly – 2nd Issue!
    President Deling became the president after the 2nd Sorceress War ended. To gain support quickly, he carried out the invasion of Timber. It was only a ploy to decorate an already corrupt man's immoral career... Our land Timber was brutally destroyed. Here began Vinzer Deling's road to dictatorship...

  • Anarchist Monthly– 3rd Issue!
    To imprison anti-government sympathizers, the D-District Prison was built in the desert south of Deling City. Millions were spent to build the facility. The threat of being sent to the prison intensified Deling's unpopularity. The prison began imprisoning Galbadian anti-government sympathizers just as they did in Timber. Moreover, the leaders of the resistance movements faced the threat of having family members imprisoned as well. Around this time, Deling began surrounding himself only with loyalists, which turned him into an even more fierce dictator.

  • Anarchist Monthly – Final Issue!!!
    With the exception of Esthar, the Galbadian Military possesses the world's only long range missiles. Although never used in combat, their existence has become a worldwide threat. It is said that the missiles have the ability to hit any target with astounding accuracy even without using radio signals. Will the time come for the president to push the button!? When the time comes, Ti... (The print was blurred on the last part.)