Another Person's Eye

How Kazushige Nojima and other characters see Rinoa.  

From Kazushige Nojima

I wanted to have Rinoa like books and reading. This is the reason why she is always found in the library at Balamb Garden. She even asks Zell about the Pupurun book series but he's too embarrassed to say what it's about.

Rinoa acts in an unusual way for girls, which is straight forward with people. She's like that towards anybody in particular, so a lot of guys will be a little confused (laugh)! Rinoa is not subtle about things and when she likes someone or wants something it's too hard for her to hide it. At the Balamb Garden dance party, she probably would have been like that with any guy who was free.

Her quick switch from liking Seifer to liking Squall might have come from her mother. It surprises some players but it is part of her personality and the story mirroring their parents. Julia switched from being in love with Laguna Loire to being in love with Fury Caraway in just a short time.

Quistis Trepe

"This isn't a father-daughter quarrel. This isn't a game."

This line is said by Quistis before the Witch Parade at Deling City. Quistis is trying to explain to Rinoa that their mission is different from a simple run-away daughter's rebelling or some game.

Rinoa, in her own opinion, is serious about what she is saying. She is aware that her plan isn't that great and it bugs her that she can't do anything about it. However, to a pro like Quistis those plans are dangerously treating the mission like a game. Quistis thinks Rinoa seems to have a complex, a psychological problem. Ironically, Quistis later realizes that she is the unbalanced one.

Forest Owls

"You're gonna wake the princess? You've got some guts, man."

This line is said by one of the Forest Owl members on the train. Everyone is scared of disturbing Rinoa from her sleep because she's grumpy when she wakes up and can get rather violent when angry.

Many know that she'll scratch or kick to make someone obey or listen – like what she did to Irvine outside the Desert Prison. This is also why they're scared to tell her that she hopelessly lacks skill in handiwork.

Squall Leonhart

"You sound like you want everyone to get the wrong idea."

This line is said by Squall during the Galbadia and Balamb Garden war. Rinoa made it seem like she only borrowed the ring because she wanted one like it, however she really likes Squall and wanted to have something of his.

Rinoa wanted to seem like she wasn't that interested in Squall in front of others, however the way she acted proved quite the opposite. She attempts to hide her feelings but her thoughts towards Squall are easily seen.

Her outward actions can make any rival interested in Squall give up. Squall knows how she feels because of the way she denies it and the way she seems delighted about the notion of people thinking that they're a couple. Maybe this is how she hits the right spot in charming a guy like Squall, she uses their weaknesses on them.

From Squall's point of view, Rinoa gradually becomes a focus in his life. He keeps changing, little by little during his encounters with her. When Rinoa is attacked and in a pinch, Squall would do anything to help her. This dramatic change in Squall, the same person who refuses relations with others and spends time thinking inwardly is due to Rinoa's influence. In time, Squall starts to love others, something which is Rinoa's strongest trait.

Seifer Almasy

"You're gonna fight me, too? Come on, remember a year ago we..."

This line is said by Seifer when the party faces him and Edea at Galbadia Garden. Seifer is under Edea's control and upon seeing Rinoa, he tries to remind her of their past and manipulate her. Rinoa, however, is determined to fight and end the war.

One year ago, Rinoa got involved in dangerous activities with the Timber resistance. During this time she met Seifer and had many discussions with him. His take-charge and fearless attitude towards confronting opponents won her admiration. Although she thought of him as a possible boyfriend, Seifer never quite returned Rinoa's feelings. After her summer of sixteen, Rinoa and Seifer's feelings for each other faded.