Limit Break

Combine . Angel Wing  

Angelo fights with Rinoa against the enemy and randomly helps her too! This only works if you read the Pet Pals magazines and train Angelo. When you read a certain magazine, the new attack will appear under Rinoa's Specials menu window.

To learn a specific skill, highlight it. The more walking Rinoa does while in the party, the more the bar fills up. When the bar is full, you will hear a sound and Angelo will have been fully trained with that skill. Angelo can learn up to 8 of these tricks but the ones used in battle are random and often depend on the enemy or Rinoa's status. Only during a certain point in the game on board the Ragnarok is Rinoa unable to use Combine, as Angelo is not with her.

The Automatic Angelo limit breaks are random, occur without wasting a turn, and depend on Luck stats or the amount of time spent on the battlefield. The Combine Angelo limit breaks depend on Speed, Strength and Magic stats in order to make their duration and/or damage more effective. When Rinoa is on a low HP or pinch status, the chances of all limits occurring increases.


Angelo's Automatic Limit Breaks

  • Angelo Rush: initially learnt
    Angelo rushes in and physically counterattacks for Rinoa if she is hit repetitively by physical or magical attacks. The attack power of this limit is double the amount of her own attack power.
  • Angelo Recover: 200 seconds of walking
    Angelo uses an item to restore HP of an ally in critical condition. The amount restored is equivalent to 62.5% of their maximum HP. You can find Volume 2 of Pet Pals on Rinoa's bed in the Forest Owl Base, after the briefing and before the mission. Or you can buy it from Esthar Magazine Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 2
    Have you ever wished your pet could rescue you in battle?
    This is just the trick for your dog to learn!
    Your dog finds and uses potions and other cures on a member who's near KO with this trick.
    It is called ...
      Angelo Recover!
    A very nice trick indeed.
    Pet Pals Volume 2

  • Angelo Reverse: 260 seconds of walking
    Angelo comes in to revive a wounded ally using a Phoenix Down. The ally's HP after revival is 12.5% of maximum. You can find Volume 4 of Pet Pals at the Timber Pet Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 4
    Have you ever been KO'ed by a monster?
    Even reviving doesn't help because you get KO'ed right back.
    To answer your desperate call for help,
      Angelo Reverse!
    Your dog finds Phoenix Downs to revive KO'ed party members in battle.
    Pet Pals Volume 4

  • Angelo Search: 400 seconds of walking
    Angelo sniffs then digs the battlefield for a random item. There are 198 possible kinds of items Angelo can find. You can find Volume 5 of Pet Pals at the Esthar Pet Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 5
    Item hunting!
    Sounds like a daunting task?
    But it's true that you need items to do anything.
    So lets have your dog learn another trick.
    It's ...
      Angelo Search!
    Your dog finds items while you are fighting.
    Be sure to praise your dog when he/she finds an item!
    Pet Pals Volume 5

Angelo's Combine Limit Breaks

  • Angelo Cannon: initially learnt
    Rinoa whistles for Angelo to come, then Angelo jumps on Rinoa's weapon. She fires Angelo at all enemies like a cannon, creating a physical damage explosion with an attack power of 72. Rinoa then gives Angelo a biscuit. If Rinoa's Strength stat is maxed out, then this will damage all enemies for 9999 HP, making it better than Angelo Strike later in the game.
  • Angelo Strike: 800 seconds of walking
    Angelo sniffs an enemy, jumps and then bites it, carrying it into the air. Angelo spins 360 degrees a few times before bringing the enemy back down for physical damage. Rinoa then gives Angelo a biscuit. Early in the game this does more damage than Angelo Cannon as the attack power is 120. You can get Volume 1 of Pet Pals from Zell while on the train to Timber. Or you can buy it from Esthar Magazine Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 1
    Welcome to Pet Pals.
    We bring the latest pet news to dog lovers.
    Your dog learns a trick to damage enemies in this issue.
    Your dog comes to your rescue when you are in grave danger.
    It's called ...
      Angelo Strike!
    As you dog lovers already know, walk with your dog to learn this trick.
    Pet Pals Volume 1

  • Invincible Moon: 920 seconds of walking
    Rinoa throws a biscuit which Angelo catches in her mouth. Angelo then jumps past the moon and a curtain of light surrounds the party, making them on Invisible status and Invincible status (no damage or status changes while party becomes transparent as Evade is boosted) for a while. The lasts longer depending on what level Rinoa is and her Magic stats. You can buy Volume 3 of Pet Pals from the Timber Pet Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 3
    Research shows a relationship between the moon and your dog.
    Do you know how your dog can use the power of the moon to help you?
    It's ...
      Invincible Moon!
    The moon's mysterious power can make all allies invincible.
    Do a lot of walking with your dog to help him learn this trick!
    Pet Pals Volume 3

  • Wishing Star: 1060 seconds of walking
    Rinoa and Angelo run together as the background of the battle field becomes a star field. Shooting stars that are actually Rinoa riding Angelo hit all the enemies 8 times for physical damage with an attack power of 130. If Rinoa's Speed stat is high, the more hits this will do. If her Strength stat is high, the more damage each hit will do. You can buy Volume 6 of Pet Pals from the Timber Pet Shop for 1000 gil.

    Pet Pals Magazine Volume 6
    Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal together with your pet?
    Make it come true, using
      Wishing Star!
    Attack enemies together!
    The power of love multiplies your powers by 10 to 20 times to defeat your enemies.
    Try it, you'll like it!
    Pet Pals Volume 6