Rinoa Map

My Blue Heaven  

This world map contains short descriptions of key events that happened to Rinoa in each location during Final Fantasy VIII. To use the map, roll your mouse over it. The locations are linked to pages about the story.

Trabia Garden
Rinoa expresses her uneasiness about battling and she is scared that not everyone will make it. She also wishes to be a part of the group.
Galbadia Garden
Seifer speaks to Rinoa about how they were a year ago but she tells him to stop. He is no longer himself.
Deling City
Armed with only an Odine bracelet taken from her father's room, Rinoa goes through Deling City's sewers to confront the Witch Edea by herself.
D-District Prison
Rinoa forces Irvine to go back to the prison with her so that they can rescue everyone, especially Squall.
Rinoa is reunited with Squall and meets the SeeDs assigned to help her. Their attempt to kidnap the president is foiled.
Balamb Garden
After they both notice a shooting star, Rinoa and Squall meet for the first time and then dance at the party.
Fisherman's Horizon
The teams are reunited and Squall speaks to Rinoa privately. They later have an informal date at Selphie's concert.
Horizon Bridge
Squall carries an unconscious Rinoa on his back to Esthar. While he takes a break he tells her his deepest secrets.
Squall reluctantly allows Doctor Odine to observe Rinoa so that they may find out what happened to her.
Esthar's National Witch Memorial
Squall frees Rinoa from being imprisoned and the rest of his team helps them escape back to the Ragnarok.
Lunar Gate
Squall and Rinoa are put into cold sleep before launching towards the Lunar Side Base where Ellone is.
Lunatic Pandora
The Witch Adel junctions Rinoa onto herself and everyone must fight against the both of them.
Kashkabald Desert
The Ragnarok lands in the desert and escorts from Esthar come to take Rinoa to the Witch Memorial.
Edea's House
Squall and Rinoa make a promise to meet each other at the flower field if they ever get separated.
Garden War
Rinoa borrows Squall's ring with help from Zell. She is later rescued by Squall when she falls from the quad.