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This section is included because Sun Sign and Blood Type are often used to predict a person's personality. When it comes to videogame character profiles, the purpose is not to predict, but to dictate. Rinoa's birthdate indicates that her sign is Pisces (February 22 - March 20) and since FF8 is a game where destiny is a strong theme, looking to the stars for an answer is everything. Her blood type is unknown, although B is a perfect match.

Sun Sign: Pisces

"A short conversation with her and a man instantly relaxes... But with all her make-believe independence she waits on the curb and lets the man whistle for the cab."
          –Linda Goodman

For starters, a great read is Linda Goodman's description of The Pisces Woman from her book, Sun Signs. It's an extremely accurate description of Rinoa. As described on Astrology Online, Pisces is two fish, one swimming upwards toward enlightenment, and the other downwards into profanity. Pisecean elements balance the righteous and and criminal both. Like fish, these people can be hard to fix while they swim about. They have truly open minds, and the capacity to understand a broad range of human experiences.

Element: Water
Ruler: Neptune
Metals: Silver, Tin
Phrase: I believe
  Flower: Lilac, Violet, Lilly, Daffodil
Stone: Moonstone, Amethyst, Chrysolite
Colour: White, Purple, Green, Pink, Black
Tarot Card: The Moon, The Hanged Man

Rinoa's attraction to Squall, who is a Virgo, is clearly intended to be a polar one. Pisceans see Virgoans as quiet but easy to talk to, someone who will treat them kindly and not take advantage of them. Meanwhile, Virgos are enamored by Pisces' empathetic ways. Pisceans want to live in a dream world of their own making, yet Virgoans need order in their lives... usually this means that their relationship is a difficult one.

The pairing of opposites in FF8 doesn't end with Rinoa and Squall. Edea is full of courage while Cid would rather hide, Julia is open with her feelings while Fury closely guards them, Raine is practical while Laguna is carefree. Among the main cast, martial artist Zell hooks up with a Library Girl and cowboy Irvine has an interest in computer whiz Selphie.

Blood Type: B

It's not hard to see why Rinoa would share the same blood type as Zell, Selphie and Laguna. According to astyle, those with a B temperament are: cheerful, whimsical, self-centered, optimistic, dislikes traditions and customs, likes to get one's own way, sociable, entertaining, emotional, lonesome at heart, easy to please, kind, caring, non-stereotypical and highly individualistic. B types love to do things at their own pace. They have a strong personality and are easy to get along with.

You may have noticed that on the packaging of some Rinoa figures by Bandai her blood type is listed as A. This is incorrect since it is supposed to say "Unknown", probably because she is not a Garden student. The character heights on some Bandai figures were also calculated incorrectly.