Rinoa's Profile

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A beautiful and spirited young woman.
A lively young woman with the ability to touch people's hearts. Open and honest with her feelings, she speaks her mind without reservation. Driven by her ambition, she can be stubborn at times.

Name: リノア・ハーティリー
Birthday/Age: March 3 / 17
Height/Weight: 163cm / 48kg
Blood Type: Unknown
  Weapon: Blaster Edge
Limit: Combine
Affiliation: Forest Owls
Nickname: 姫さま
  Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa was born and raised in Deling City. Her parents are Colonel Caraway of the Galbadian Army and the deceased singer Julia Heartilly. She lives at home but whenever her father becomes too much for her to handle, she resides on a train stationed at or near Timber City. While on this train, she's an active member of a resistance group named The Forest Owls. As a new Forest Owl member she spends time planning strategies while using military tactics learnt through her father.

She is a very cosmopolitan girl and her main hobby is reading. She especially loves to read new books or magazines. She's also interested in silver jewelry and enjoys making up funny words. Like her mother, her favourite flower and colour is rose. Rinoa is often depicted with rose petals around her. Unlike most of the main cast, she has a dark colouring that makes her stand out. Her most distinctive feature is her hair, which has a few streaks coloured gold-blonde.

Rinoa's tea rose designed bedroom     A tea rose room at Rinoa's house

General Overview

Rinoa is quite the open book and at first glance is a cliché RPG heroine. However, each time she's on the screen it gets harder to make sense of the girl in blue. Like most real girls, many of her decisions and actions contradict themselves.

There's very little known about her history. Since she grew up in an upper middle class lifestyle and was raised by loving parents, she became a very opinionated individual. She definitely shares her thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

Just before the tender age of five, she lost her mother in a tragic accident. Her father drowned his sorrows and feelings of emotional neglect sowed the seeds of doubt in her mind. While watching her father as she grew older, she learnt about the Galbadian government and realized that the oppression mentioned in magazines about anarchism were true. She and her father, two stubborn individuals, begun arguing over this and she ended up running away.

Despite running away, she has a huge need to recreate the feelings of love and security that were present when her mother was alive. She doesn't like to be left alone and when separated from someone she feels the need to keep something that belongs to them.

She is full of candor and joie de vivre, wanting the people she cares about to truly experience life. It may seem like she's got a lot of nerve but she never intends for the people she loves to end up disliking her. She's the type of person who believes in spreading kindness because she knows how the smallest acts of caring can deeply affect and change others. It is because of this nature that her and Squall's relationship changed both characters for the better at the end of the game.