Her Story

Rinoa's past, present and future.  

Invasion of Timber

In the country of Galbadia, a dictator named Vinzer Deling became the "lifelong president". He had the capital renamed after him to Deling City. To gain support from the Galbadian citizens, he carried out the invasion of neighboring countries. Galbadia expanded quickly and their army became a huge force. The neighboring country Timber was soon to be occupied.

Timber was an independent country surrounded by deep forests, hence its name and the forest animal named resistance factions against this occupation. Before the final invasion of Timber, all resistance members were hunted down.

Among the Galbadian Army dispatched to fight the Timber Army were three soldiers: Laguna Loire, Ward Zabac and Kiros Seagul. The soldiers got lost in a forest and went back home to Deling City instead.

Meanwhile in Timber, the founders of the Forest Owls resistance group were hunted down and executed by Galbadian soldiers in front of Timber's capital city as a warning of what happens to those who resist. The founders' sons, Watts and Zone, had no choice but to watch. To show how serious he was, President Deling himself took a soldier's gun and shot the already dead bodies.

The country of Timber fell easily to Galbadia but the people would never forget the circumstances. Anyone showing signs of being against the new government had themselves and their family members sent to the D-District Prison, built in the desert south of Deling City. Since then, the number of people actively resisting the government has lessened in number because they live in fear.

Connected Memories

Back in Deling City, Laguna and his friends visited their usual hangout, the bar at Galbadia Hotel. A pianist named Julia Heartilly, who Laguna admired, worked there every night. Although Laguna has a showy personality, he had little confidence when it came to women. His crush on Julia Heartilly was evident to everyone, even Julia herself. When one of his countless attempts to approach her failed again that night, Julia took the cue to save him from being embarrassed further.

Julia went to Laguna's usual table and started a conversation with him, attempting to calm his nerves. Everyone in the bar was watching and it wasn't much help, so she invited him to talk privately at her hotel room. When Laguna gained the confidence to visit her, they had a drink of wine and talked about everything on their minds. Julia also shared a secret with him, that she aspired to be a singer and that Laguna was the inspiration for a song.


Laguna felt a little strange, possibly because of the 'faeries' flying in his head and thought that he must be dreaming. Julia assured him that it wasn't a dream and before they were able to say more, he was called off to the Presidential Residence. The two never met again.

Some time later, Julia fulfilled her dream. After she released the song Eyes On Me, she soon became famous. According to magazines, her true love went off to war and never came back. Major Fury Caraway of the Galbadian Army comforted her while she was feeling down and that's how they got to know each other. Julia married Major Caraway and a year after their marriage Rinoa was born.

Adel Witch War

Galbadia had been busy occupying the surrounding areas and building a military force in order to fight their new enemy, Esthar. Under Adel's rule, Esthar declared war against the whole world. They had the power of advanced science and a Witch at the helm. It seemed inevitable that they would take over the world.

The Witch War abruptly ended when Laguna somehow tricked Witch Adel into being sealed. Adel was placed in orbit where the Earth and the Moon's gravitational forces were in equilibrium while she was guarded by three Ragnarok spaceships. The radio interference from the Lunar Base's wave jamming signal created noise across all frequencies. The mechanism kept Adel sealed from using radio or sound waves, telepathic waves and junctions.

Nearly all radio-based communication except for short transmissions had to be shut down. Since then, HD cables and underground-based communication became the main forms of transmissions. Still, countries were barely in contact with each other because of monsters or battles cutting the cables.

During the game when you visit Timber, you will see that its TV Station keeps its radio systems intact, waiting for the day radio transmission is restored. You will also see something on a big tv screen with lots of static interference covering it.


It's Witch Adel in space trying to communicate. "I will never let you forget about me. I am alive here. Bring me back there." The rest is the first two lines jumbled up.

When contact with Esthar had ceased, Galbadia resumed their plans to be a political and military power. Five years later in Deling City, at the age of 28, Julia Caraway died in a car crash just before Rinoa's 5th birthday.

Around this time, Squall Leonhart from the future and the defeated Witch Ultimecia appeared at Edea Kramer's orphanage. Edea, also a Witch, allowed herself to inherit Ultimecia's powers, so Ultimecia could die in peace. Edea wanted to save any of the orphaned children from becoming a Witch, she also worried that Adel may come searching for the power she was to inherit.

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