Triple Triad

Final Fantasy VIII's card game.  

This section will explain how to get Rinoa and Angelo's character cards in the game. The only other way to get these cards is by playing the Card Queen on Disc 4.

Rinoa: Level 10, Card 8

Rinoa Card 1 card refines into 3 Magic Armlets
You can get this card by playing Colonel Caraway in Deling City and intentionally losing your Ifrit card to him. Play him again and he will use Rinoa's card. You can regain your Ifrit card from Martine in Fisherman's Horizon.

Angelo: Level 8, Card 2

Angelo Card 1 card refines into 100 Elixirs
You can get this card by playing Watts of the Forest Owls on Disc 1, while you are still on the Forest Owl Base Train. If the Forest Owl Base has already been destroyed or you lost during the first chance, he can be found on board the White SeeD Ship on Disc 3.

Save Icons

Pocketstation Saves You can see these cards in icon form on Playstation game saves. Rinoa appears if the save is on position number 5 and Angelo appears on number 15. On the Pocketstation, the save icons are in the same spot but have super deformed designs.