Downloadable or streaming movies of Rinoa.  

This is a selection of videos that used to be hosted on this website. They are now hosted by Animetheme, Blue Laguna and YouTube. If you need higher quality and don't own FF8 for the PC, I suggest using PSMPlay or PSXMC.

Full Motion Videos

  • FF8 Opening Scene
    The first movie you see of Final Fantasy VIII. The song Liberi Fatali plays in the background. Since this movie also contains Rinoa, I included it here.
  • Rinoa's Introduction
    The first full motion video movie you see of Rinoa in the game. She and Squall notice a shooting star and then she walks up to meet him.

  • Waltz for the Moon
    The full ballroom dance sequence with Squall and Rinoa. Waltz for the Moon is the background music track title.

  • Rinoa Under Edea's Control
    It's a clip with mostly Edea. It reveals her powers to manipulate objects, her appearance and people as she goes to make a speech.

  • Lizards Attack Rinoa
    Edea brings Iguion statues to life and they run across Deling City. They attack Rinoa, who has just regained consciousness and is to become a sacrifice.
  • End of Disc One
    It is a clip containing the scene where Edea is wounded and attacks Squall and Rinoa with an ice elemental Sorcery, her Limit Break.

  • Blue Skies
    As Balamb Garden takes off into the air surrounded by birds, Rinoa enjoys the view of nature. Blue Skies is the background music track title.

  • Rinoa Falls
    Rinoa falls down along with the destroyed Quad and hangs onto a ledge along the side of a mobile Balamb Garden.

  • Garden Wars
    While both Balamb and Galbadia Gardens are in the heat of battle, Squall rescues Rinoa

  • Rinoa In Space: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3
    Rinoa slowly suffocates while her oxygen runs out. Their rings cling together in front of her eyes and she activates the auxiliary oxygen while her tears float away.
  • Embrace
    Squall cuts away wires with his gunblade and releases Rinoa from the Witch Memorial. Rinoa runs to his arms and they hug each other.

  • Adel Junctions Rinoa
    Still under Ultimecia's control, Seifer forces Rinoa to meet Adel, who then Junctions Rinoa onto her.

  • The End of FF8 - Part 1
    Contains the first FMV scenes of the ending. Includes mostly Squall and Rinoa searching for each other and Squall's strange visions.

  • The End of FF8 - Part 2
    Contains the set of FMV scenes from the ending. Includes mostly Rinoa finding Squall, Seifer and his gang, Laguna, Raine and Ellone.

  • The End of FF8 - Part 3
    The third set of FMV scenes from the ending. Mainly includes characters other than Rinoa and Squall, through a camcorder, with the credits beside it.
  • The End of FF8 - Part 4
    The party scene and the very last bit of the ending. A shooting star passes by, Rinoa points to it and something special happens.

Exclusive Videos

  • FF8 PSX Demo Game FMV
    The ending FMV of FF8's PSX demo game. It is different from the actual game because Rinoa replaces Selphie in the FMV.

  • FF8 PS2 Dance Sequence
    The PS2 tech demo that contained a remake of the ballroom dancing scene with Squall and Rinoa in real-time graphics. Squall and Rinoa are also doing a different dance.

  • FF8 Motion Capture - Squall & Rinoa Ballroom Dance
    Clips of the original motion capture sessions with Yasuko Yokoyama (Rinoa) and Wataru Hirano (Squall) dancing a waltz. This footage was used for the graduation dance party.

Other Videos

  • Dead Fantasy II – Fan Made Video
    A spectacular fan made CG movie by Monty, it features an awesomely redesigned Witch Rinoa who has her own gunblade.

  • Eyes On Me – Fan Made Video
    Made by Butz, it has timed clips from the ending and more. It was the best known fan made music video to the song.

  • Eyes On Me – Live MTV
    Faye Wong performs live at Budokan. The arrangement is unique to this MTV video. Behind Faye is footage of FF8 FMVs and her other music videos.
  • Eyes On Me – Live Concert
    Angela Aki (vocal artist for FF12) performs the song at the VOICES concert. The arrangement is more jazzy and Angela plays the piano.

  • Eyes On Me – Karaoke
    A karaoke video with various shots of Faye Wong from other music videos. Some of the lyrics are incorrect but otherwise its meant for singing.

  • Dead Fantasy - Gee
    Monty used some choreography from a Korean MV to make this parody. Dead Fantasy girls are wearing custom versions of their alternate costumes and Rinoa's dress has lace trim.