Schala's Clothing

Princess Schala Zeal
Schala Artwork by Akira Toriyama The main reason Schala is such a favorite from Chrono Trigger is her gorgeous design by Akira Toriyama. Schala wears a royal blue gown with a court length train. It has wide bell sleeves that compliment her thin arms and a v-shaped basque waistline.

The high necked collar with white trim is worn by many in the Zeal Kingdom and it resembles a nun or monk's habit. This deep purple color is a prominent one worn by royalty and is used on the Zeal Kingdom's crest. In the sprite design she wears a cloak on top of her gown to stay warm.

Schala has a pair of dangling gold earrings and a golden hair piece. Her thick hair is gathered and tied up in a ponytail that covers her pointed ears, likely hiding them on purpose. The hair piece is depicted as red in Akira Toriyama's artwork. And of course, she wears a pendant.

Schala 'Kid' Zeal
Schala Kid Zeal In Chrono Cross, Schala is depicted as a blonde child with long hair, looking a lot like Kid, in a white dress when fighting Lavos.

During the ending, Schala Kid Zeal has some of her hair tied in a ponytail with a bow while half of it is let down, much like the original Schala. She's wearing an A-line dress with yellow and red trim, pink puffed sleeves and a high-necked collar on top, also like Schala. Her unusual pink shoes have white spats, making the design extremely vague as pieces of it come from various eras.

At the very end of Chrono Cross there is a framed photograph of Schala Kid Zeal sitting in a wedding dress. The dress is a wedding sari (Indian dress) and her pendant is worn. Her hair is in a bun and a veil is attached to it. Standing behind her is Serge, also wearing wedding clothing and accessories in an Indian style.

Schala Kid Zeal's Wedding Dress     Serge's Wedding Clothes
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