Extras & Oddities

Fanmade Sequels
Prophet's Guile
There are several fanmade hacks and additions available for Chrono Trigger on ZNES but I only enjoyed one of them, Prophet's Guile. You play as Magus as he arrives in 12,000 BC and works to gain trust as the Prophet. The new maps and areas were pretty good as were the menu designs. For what it is, I felt it is the only hack that properly ties into the real game's story.


Prototype Versions
Zeal Kingdom Map
The prototype map of the floating kingdom had slightly more details. There's a top right palace on the map with a futuristic look to it. There is also an extra cave on the bottom right of the main island's mountain. These two details are changed or gone in the final version.

Hidden Zeal Dungeon
Behind the bookcases in Schala's room was a secret passage leading to a sort of basement dungeon. It's a bugged area with exits and stairs that don't work. The one exit that does work needs a hack to walk through walls to reach it. Most people would believe it was a planned secret passage to the throne room. Others believe it could be the "Research Room" Dalton refers to in a prototype script where he mentions throwing characters into the unnamed dungeon.

Throne Room or Mammon Machine Room
Both of these maps are similar. In the prototype, you can scroll the camera upwards or downwards by moving to see the rest of the map's design. In the final game, the camera is set. There is also a glitch in both the prototype and final game. The rooms are decorated in red with gold pillars at the start then later events trigger the rooms to appear purple with silver pillars. The purple theme matches Zeal's color scheme a bit more.
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