Schala Kid Zeal

While I prefer Chrono Trigger as a standalone game, this site would be incomplete without a brief mention of Chrono Cross or Kid. Kid is a heroine in Chrono Cross, the sort-of PSX sequel to Chrono Trigger. In the game it is revealed that Kid is in fact a 'daughter clone' of Schala.

Chrono Trigger Remix
Radical Dreamers aside, everything begins with the Playstation remake of Chrono Trigger. During the ending, Lucca is seen walking through the forest with a happy little mini-Robo. She suddenly notices a flashing blue light emanating from somewhere and goes to it.

The light turns out to be a baby with blonde hair wearing Schala's pendant. We later learn that Lucca figured out who this baby really is and raises the child, turning her parents' house into an orphanage in the process.


Chrono Cross
In this timeline, Janus never found Schala and it was Belthasar who continued his efforts to rescue her. Through the FATE computer which he constructed in Chronopolis (2300 AD), Belthasar discovered that Schala was still in a dimensional vortex along with Lavos.

Schala and Lavos were slowly becoming unified into the 'Devourer of Time', a being with the power to destroy all existence. Over time, half of Schala's mind became set on destroying everything. Yet at the same time, the other half of her mind desired to save the universe and to be rescued herself.

Belthasar then performed plans and experiments to stop Lavos and save Schala in the past. The 'Project Kid' plan involved Schala cloning herself, perhaps using power in her pendant, and sending her copy into Serge's dimension along with her pendant as protection. The child clone was then found by Lucca in 1004 AD.

When Serge cried from the poison of a cat demon on the beach as he was dying in 1006 AD, he reached Schala and touched her heart before her evil, destructive side became dominant. Her power brought Serge to Chronopolis in the hopes of saving him with the Frozen Flame. This action caused the past and the future to intersect, dividing the world into two: one dimension where Serge lived and one where he died.

Ten years later, the story of Chrono Cross truly begins. Serge and Kid meet then go dimension hopping to set things right using her astral amulet. Lavos still has Schala – appearing childlike and blonde – encased within it and only Serge, who has come into contact with both Schala and her clone, can rescue her.

When she is freed, she says that all dimensions will become one and time will become unified – and that Serge will lose his memories, including those of her. The original Schala hopefully returns to her own time with Janus. Kid then begins to accept being Schala 'Kid' Zeal as she begins searching for Serge again. In fact, according to the Ultimania she actually finds and marries him some time after the ending dialogues.


We alone do not have the power to heal the world's woes, or to solve all its mysteries.
And yet, even then... It was bloody good knowing ya, mate!
Thanks for being born "you," Serge!
I guess now's the time to say, "see ya later, mate!"
But... I'll find ya... Sometime... somewhere...
I'm bloody sure of it!
No matter the time period, no matter the world ya live in, I'll find ya!
I'm sure... I am sure I will...

Schala's Letter:
Thus the curtain closes on another tale.
And eternity has passed, fleeting dreams fade into the distance...
All that is left now is my memories,
But i'm sure we'll meet again, someday you and I
Another place, another time although
You may not know who I am
Let us open the door to the great unknown across another reality
And live another today even when the story has been told.
We'll meet each other again
~ Schala Kid Zeal

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