Schala's Relationships

Being Royalty and future heir to Zeal's Kingdom, Schala has been tutored and mentored in the best ways possible. This is evident in her formal and proper etiquette usage. She also highly respects her elders. It is thanks to the Gurus that Schala was raised right; this can be seen in her high morals and values when dealing with others.

Queen Zeal
Schala and Janus' mother. Widowed and has become cold towards her children, yet relies on Schala's power. Lavos taps into her greed and manipulates her to become ruthless in order to reach its goal.
Janus Zeal
Unsociable and morbid, Schala's younger brother only opens up to her and Alfador. He's young and smart enough to realize that he hates what magic does to people. He hides his magic talents from everyone.
Janus' purple and white patched cat with a gold collar. The cat's name in the Japanese version is Alphard, from the Arabic for 'solitary one'. Alfador is able to recognize Janus (the Prophet and Magus) by smell.
The Gurus
Schala has known the Gurus her whole life because they served as her instructors. Schala does whatever she can to have them rescued and is only able to find Melchior, who later helps the party.
The Prophet
Also Magus, aka Janus. He uses his knowledge of the future to manipulate the Queen and gain her trust. Schala dislikes him, but his plans for revenge were far more pressing than worrying about Schala.
General Dalton
One of the Queen's trusted subjects and the leader of her military force. This opportunist enjoys dirty jobs when they're easy and retreats whenever a situation gets out of his control. Schala doesn't like Dalton at all.
Earthbound Elder
The Elder of Algetty Village in Terra Cave. He is humble towards Schala, even after Schala reminds them they are equals. Schala regularly visits him, and everyone in the village loves and cares for her.
Zeal's Subjects
The people of Zeal are proud of their magic talents, especially of Schala's. As expected, they're not fond of Janus. They enjoy their social status and are content to be ruled by Queen Zeal.
Zeal's Researchers
People of Kajar seem more aware of Zeal's reality. They actually question their existence and magic. Some are suspicious of Lavos and know that Janus will have greater powers than Schala someday.
Janus after having grown up. His talent in using Shadow magic has become extremely developed and his sole reason for existence is exacting revenge on Lavos for his loss and suffering.
Due to the nature of him being a silent protagonist, Schala and Crono don't interact much. However, she sees a potential of strength and will to do good in him and his friends. In her desperation, she takes great risks by trusting and rescuing his party.
Nadia Guardia
Also Marle. Both are Royalty, have green eyes and blonde hair. In a twist of fate or by the will of the planet, she had inherited Schala's pendant. Known as Marldia in Japanese version.
Lucca Ashtear
While walking in the forest, Lucca finds and raises a baby daughter-clone of Schala. The baby was wearing Schala's pendant and Lucca later realizes the child's true purpose.
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