Schala's Profile

Name: サラ・ジール
Age: ~17
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Magic: Shadow

Schala is a young woman about the same age as the main cast of Chrono Trigger. Like many of the 'Enlightened Ones' in the Zeal Kingdom, her hair is a light colour and she has a delicate body. Similar to her relatives and other mystic characters, her ears have an elf-like appearance.

Schala is known for being a gentle and loyal lady who believes in the goodness of other people. She also believes all people are equal, regardless of where they live, how they look, and whether they can use magic. She is overly obedient and polite to a fault; it is her fear of hurting others that becomes the end of her.

As a strong magic user, her natural power surpasses that of her own mother, Queen Zeal. Only Schala and the three Gurus are strong enough to control the Mammon Machine, which is why she is summoned by her mother constantly. With the help of her pendant, she can cast many more spells, including one that seals gates and one that transports people.

Sarah is Schala's name in the original Japanese game. She is addressed as サラ様 (Sarah sama) by both the people of her kingdom and the Earthbound Ones. The Hebrew name 'Sarah' has the meanings 'princess', 'importance', 'lady' and 'noble'.
Schala and Janus

Schala is very close to her younger brother, Janus. Like Janus, Schala can feel "the black wind" which fortells death. It seems to be a power inherited from their mother. Their mother wasn't always power hungry but now that she is, she's unaware of Janus' potential in magic use and ignores him.

Although she is protective of her brother, Schala fears taking any action in reforming their mother. Because of this, Janus doesn't share Schala's attitudes towards life and other people, making him cynical and aloof for his age. Although he says very little, Janus is highly influenced by Schala and cares deeply for her. As an adult, Janus continues to have good intentions thanks to her influence, only he goes about them wrongly.
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