Schala's Story

The Antiquity
Schala first appears in a scene with her younger brother, Janus. They're apparently the Princess and Prince of Zeal Kingdom in 12,000 BC. Both of them are troubled because they 'feel the black wind', which means that someone is going to die. Worried, Schala gives Janus an amulet that has her prayers held inside it. She says it will protect him since she can't always be with him.

They talk about their mother, Queen Zeal, who has changed for the worse. Ever since their father's death, their mother has become obsessed with advancing the Zeal Kingdom's magical power. Nobody knows the true origins of the new power source she's using but it's so strong that even their old source of power at the Sun Keep was no longer needed. The queen has become fanatical, distant, and cold towards everyone, even her own children.

It's shown that Janus strongly dislikes his mother in her current state but Schala still has hope for her. A servant then enters and relays Queen Zeal's immediate summon for Schala. After reassuring Janus, Schala leaves and uses her pendant to go to the Ocean Palace.

Schala needing to leave   Dreamstone   Janus sad   Alfador sleeping

The Prophet
Crono's party follows Schala and then mimics what she did using Marle's pendant. However, when they enter the room leading to the Ocean Palace, a mysterious Prophet is there and warns the Queen of the intruders. The Queen orders her right hand man General Dalton to dispose of them. The party then loses to Dalton's golem and they are captured.

When nobody is around, Schala and Janus enter the room where Crono's party is being held captive in stasis. Janus insults them for being weak but Schala attempts to rescue them. She hopes they can save the Gurus, specifically Melchior at the Mountain of Woe, and eventually stop her mother.

Their heroic plan comes to an end when the Prophet enters. Tired of their meddling in his plans, he attempts to get rid of Crono's party. Schala and Janus (along with Alfador) then convince him not to. He promises to spare them only if Schala does as he says, which she agrees to.

The Prophet orders Schala to send Crono's party back through the timegate they came from and then orders her to seal the gate shut. Schala resists but the Prophet threatens their lives again. She then seals it shut and quitely asks for the party's forgiveness once the deed is done.

Schala Sealing   Sealed Gate   The Prophet

The Defection
Crono's party makes their way back to 12,000 BC using Epoch and they rescue Melchior. Schala once again is found going against the Queen's wishes and shows up at the Earthbound Village seeking asylum. She tells Melchior that the Ocean Palace is now operational and that nearly all is lost.

Queen Zeal's, rather, Lavos' plans to awaken itself by bringing the Mammon Machine close are now in place. The only thing stopping the Queen is that Schala herself is needed to activate the Mammon Machine. Schala had refused to do so which is why she escaped to the Earthbound Village with Janus.

Before Schala can do anything more, Dalton appears and captures Schala. After some trash talking with Crono's party, he teleports Schala and himself to the Ocean Palace. Now Crono's party can do nothing but travel there themselves. Melchior also gives them a Ruby Knife, which is made from the same red stone as the Mammon Machine, in the hopes that the knife can destroy it.

Dalton   Schala fainting

The Black Dream
Deep in the Ocean Palace, Queen Zeal is ordering Schala to raise the power of the Mammon Machine to its limit. Schala refuses but since it is her mother and others may be hurt, she eventually obeys. There seems to be some kind of feedback from the machine as Schala has a hard time doing so. The Prophet is visibly worried about her but holds his tongue.

When the power of the Mammon Machine begins rising, Schala has an even harder time using her magic and falls to her knees. She feels some sort of dark force awakening and it's frightening her. The Prophet knows what this dark force is and becomes even more concerned for Schala but still says nothing.

Schala and a researcher beg the Queen to stop, but the Queen is convinced that immortality awaits. Crono's party shows up and Schala calls out to them for help while she stops powering the Mammon Machine. The Prophet finally calls Schala's name but she can't hear, as Queen Zeal is busy screaming at her in the chaos to resume powering it.

Crono quickly uses the Ruby Knife on the machine and it becomes the Masamune. Schala and the Prophet watch in horror as Lavos is awakened, knowing that the knife alone isn't enough to destroy the machine.

Statue   Queen Zeal   Schala casting a spell

The Reveal
In this moment, The Prophet finally reveals himself to be Magus and explains his intentions, to get revenge on Lavos. Queen Zeal teams up with Lavos and fights against Magus and Crono's party, while Schala desperately tries to convince her mother that this is all wrong. The party is defeated by Lavos but Crono continues to struggle and begins to cast a spell (seemingly Luminaire), getting killed in the process.

Schala then uses the last of her pendant's power to send the survivors to safety, away from Lavos and the crumbling underwater palace. She again asks the party for their forgiveness in the hopes that they would not hate her, her mother, or their kingdom. Stunned, Magus tries to respond but is transported out before he can say anything to her.

It seems what was destined to happen could not be changed. Lavos destroys Zeal and Schala is never seen or heard from again.
Schala and Magus

Chrono Trigger had a multitude of endings, a few of them involved Schala in a small way. In general, any ending with Magus shows him searching for Schala.

Magus Ending
Magus' theme song plays while Frog looks at Magus' statue in the 600AD Cathedral and Magus is travelling around Zeal Kingdom as The Prophet. He's happily plotting revenge against Lavos and is seen around Schala, Janus and Alfador. There are short clips of other characters.

"If history is to change, let it change!"
"If the world is to be destroyed, so be it!"
"If my fate is to be destroyed..."
"I must simply laugh!"
"I'm coming Lavos!"

How to get: Beat Lavos after first entering 12,000 B.C but before Zeal is destroyed.
Save Files: The Magic Kingdom, Break the Seal, The Guru on Mt. Woe, What Lies Beyond, Lavos Beckons

Magus Statue

Proper Ending
Everyone in the party returns to their own proper times. Magus doesn't say where he will go but it's obvious he will be continuing his search for Schala, and is most likely starting at The End of Time.

One of your party's characters will ask Magus:
So.... you're going to search for Schala?

How to get: Many variations, beat Lavos anytime after Crono is alive again and with Magus.
Save Files: The Fated Hour, The Final Battle

New sprite of a trapped Schala for Nintendo DS
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