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Theme of Sherazard (WOGIIIp1)
Sherazard's own theme, a sad guitar piece playing the main recurring melody of WOG3.

True Identity (WOGIIIp1)
The scene where Saladin shows his blonde hair and explains who he truly is to Sherazard.

Sherazard's Death (WOGIIIp1)
Sherazard, John and Saladin are in this clip. It ends right before Saladin and Beaumont have a duel.

Aria Per Sherazard Morente (WOGIIIp1)
The soprano in the background when Sherazard dies.

Memory (WOGIIIp1)
The flute song only John and Phillip know from their shared memories.

Narration by Beramode/Sherazard (WOGIIIp2)
A beautiful ending narration where she speaks about her realizations. It could be summed up as "The Space of Mobius" (last chapter's title) meaning there is no start nor end to life, which is the theme of the story.