• Battle 
Sherazard's Initial Stats & Equip In many chapters of episode Shivan Scimitar you will be given the option to use Sherazard in strategy battles. I always choose to use her, because she is very useful offensively and defensively if you know what you are doing.

Initially Sherazard has no equipment or weapon. Only until a while later you can buy some minor equipment she can use. This doesn't matter as she doesn't need to face enemies head on.

The most important thing to get (as soon as you come cross a shop selling it) are shoes for her. They increase her Speed (walking range), which isn't good at the start, it's pretty average. Her starting stats are also fairly low. Everything favors her Intelligence, Magic Range and Soul points.

Her normal attack is a fireball which deals decent damage early on, and has huge range. In other words, you don't need her to be in the middle of battle, and you shouldn't put her there either because she has a low amount of HP and low defense. Since fire seems to be more powerful against most of which Sherazard has to fight, and she already had a fireball I chose 카이슬림 (Kaislim) as her intermediate job. Second choice would be Zaislim, which has Shockwave and Energy Field, good for fighting against large machines.

          Job Changes 
As an Angragodan, there are certain jobs Sherazard can be and upgrade into. With each with each new job she can learn certain abilities and also get more bonus points into related statuses (HP, INT, MR). Initially Sherazard would start in the 무슬림 (Muslim) job class. After upping 앙그라법전 (Angragodan Code), she can change to 카이슬림 (Kaislim - Fire), 사이슬림 (Saislim - Ice) or 자이슬림 (Zaislim - Lightning). Then after upping Angragodan code more, she can choose her highest job class, 바라문 (Brahman).

무슬림 Muslim: On level up Sherazard can get Angragodan Code 4, HP1, INT5, MR5, Prayer, Heal 5, Shadow Shield 5. Angragodan Code 3 and INT2 are needed to continue to the next job class.

카이슬림 Kaislim: Sherazard can get Angragodan Code 4, HP1, INT7, MR7, Fire Blade 5, Fire Arrow 5, Fire Ball 5.

사이슬림 Saislim: Sherazard can get Angragodan Code 4, HP1, INT7, MR7, Ice Blade 5, Ice Missile 5.

자이슬림 Zaislim: Sherazard can get Angragodan Code 4, HP1, INT7, MR7, Sound Blade 5, Lightning Bolt 5, Shock Wave 5, Energy Field.

바라문 Brahman: Angragodan Code 4 and INT4 are needed to continue to this job class. Depending on the previous jobs, Sherazard can learn Angragodan Code 5, HP1, INT9, MR9, Meteor 1, Moonlight 1, Thunderstorm 1.

          Ability List 
[ Heal ] 40
The higher the level, can recover party members in an area.

블래스 [ Bless ] 35
Increases soul recovery. Multiple party members if higher level.

큐 어 [ Cure ] 35
Cure a character in your party from status ailments.

힐 윈드 [ Heal Wind ] 80
Heal a large area of your party at once.

썬 라이트 [ Sunlight ] 150
The strongest recovery spell, hits all enemies.

쉐도우 실드 [ Shadow Shield ] 50
Defends party member(s) from dark magics.

커즈 [ Curse ] 70
Causes a negative status effect on the enemy.

소환 능력 [ Summon Ability ]
Must have the 어뮬렛어패럴 and 천수가사 items for summoning.

천수관음 [ Thousand Armed Avalokitesvara ] 140
A recovery summon that heals everyone nearby.

묵호자 [ Mo Wu Zi ] 140
Multiple swords of light attack everything near.

          About Summons 
Thousand Armed Avalokitesvara and Mo Wu Zi are the equivalent english names (the game had the Korean names for them, which had then had to be translated to the Chinese, then english). They are Buddist in origin. Avalokitesvara had 11 heads and 1000 arms, it is the bodhisattva who out of compassion, responds to the cries of the world by leaving nirvana. Mo Wu Zi or Mozi was a leader of revolutionary armies, and who had a strange philosophy of universal love.

Strangely, Sherazard and Ibn Sina are not the only ones able to Summon these. Gifarang (founder of Shivan Scimitar) can summon in a secret chapter of the game.