• Clothing 
Sherazard's Design Sherazard has long flowing clothes that aren't for battle or physical action at all. You can click on the image to enlarge it and see the original design notes.

The costume mainly consists of a simple white dress. According to the notes, originally a cloth around the waist was designed, but Hyung-Tae Kim got rid of it later on (the ingame art has cording). On top is a dark brown turtleneck (black on ingame art). In the FMV she has plain black boots.

The white dress seems to be made of a thick, opaqe cotton (according to FMV shots) and it goes down to her ankles. It has a simple pattern to it, a scoop neck with white cording through it attaches to the back of the dress, which is quite low. The white cording is what holds the dress up for the most part, but is often seen coming off. There's some stitching at the waist only on the front, seen in the diagram and FMV shots. This is to shape the dress to her body more closely.

The dark brown top seems to be woolen (in the FMV shots) and slightly ribbed. It's hard to explain, but if you look at it, you can figure it out. The part around her neck is what keeps it up, and the chopped sleeves hang very loosely. Theres a little bit of detailing on the center.

The wrist guards are hard to figure out as well. Other Muslim magicians wear them around Tur. Sometimes she has both on, or just one. Stitched black leather is the guard, it stays on by means of a metal bracelet and chained to it is more white cording similar to what was on her dress. This cording wraps loosely around and up each arm. One arm often has a long strip of white fabric (like from the dress) attached and hanging from it.

Apparently Hyung-Tae Kim had trouble with her design, if you see the artwork section of this site, you will notice why. He did dozens of sketches before he ended with what you see in the game.