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Most of my support in creation of this site comes from Demian. Without her initial translations and information, the digitalFLARE forum members would never have been interested in the games.

Some bits were also translated by Myorui and my friends. Although I thank my friends, just about all of the work on this site is my own. Translations, screenshots, sprites, gameplay, you name it. Learning some hangul was inevitable.

More thanks to Beramode, Ashurei, Joan (for re-scanning), Diana (and her uncle for some Chinese/Buddism help), and Yan for helping me decide to make the shrine. Especially Ashurei for taking all the FMV screencaps previously impossible for me to do, Wens for correcting me on a lot of the Historical reference infos, and ASW for uploading and finding all those great applications to help get the game running before I bought a new computer.

Last but not least, Hyung-Tae Kim for his art contributions and Softmax for the game and continual support to the fans even long after the game has aged.