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In December 1995, the first 'The War of Genesis' title was issued by Softmax and induced the new genre of games in Korea called SRPG (Strategic Role Playing Game).

The series continued with increasing popularity on WOGII in December '96, 'The Rhapsody of Zephyr' in March '98 and 'Tempest' in December '98. WOGIII in December '99 had the most popularity (which is the game Sherazard is in), along with the end of the series, WOGIIIp2 in December 2000. This "winter release" trend continues with Magna Carta, and the WOG games have bonus "Christmas" songs in their OSTs too!

WOG and WOGII were for DOS and were SRPGs. Zephyr (lateral story of WOG) and Tempest (2nd lateral story of WOG) were RPGs for Win95/98. WOGIII and WOGIIIp2 were SRPGs for Win95/98 and can be played on Win2000. A binded version of both WOGIII games is available, a DVD version w/small artbook of WOGIIIp2 is available and an artbook was released. There's also the WOG card game edition, of which I got the Sherazard card!

The WOG series and Softmax have won many prizes for its excellence and is still winning more. WOG titles are also being distributed outside of Korea in other Asian markets like Japan, China and Taiwan. Zephyr has been released for Dreamcast in Japan, and other distributions for Japan (Playstation/PS2 ports) were still undecided as I made this page.

Although WOG makes a great game for the PC, the main problem with porting it over to consoles is the interface. The Zephyr game was ported for the Dreamcast but had a bad translation (according to players) and a direct port, meaning using the controls you move a cursor on the screen. Quite tedious for those playing.

Hopefully when the console wars die out a bit, Softmax can have other console ports done by an experienced third party and for the console with the largest userbase.

Still, many of us english players will go great lengths for such a beautiful game. Artwork, challenging and clearly replayable for gameplay and story. Staff at Softmax and Hyung-Tae Kim himself are surprised that there's a steadily growing english base of fans because of his artwork. I hope that someday with a large enough amount of english fans, and great localization teams that the games will be released in English in North America and Europe.

Special thanks to Eun-Ji Choi, Pyoung-seok Koh for the info and Hyung-Tae Kim.