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셰라자드 Sherazard (1261~1283) is introduced as a 19 year old priestess living in the Tur Continent. She has jet black hair to her waist, brown eyes, slightly tan skin and a seemingly serene nature. Although composed, she has no shame in showing her emotions. She really can be a little flirty and humourous. She has a strong will for what she believes in, but is naively idealistic about it. Her intentions are humble, she usually thinks of the 'bigger picture' and other people when it comes to her decisions - often having little care about herself.

Sherazard is a faithful and devoted priestess, who is revered and respected by many people. She is known to them as 무타나비의 성녀 Saintess of Mutanabi (Mutanabi is a city and region) or the White Saintess. Recently, she is found traveling throughout Tur helping the sick and poor. She is also the younger sister of Sapi Al Din.

Sapi Al Din was the first born of the last Sultan and really should be Sultan. However both Sherazard and Sapi Al Din lost their mother at young age. Due to this, Sapi didn't have strong support from his mother's side in becoming a successor. It is tradition for the princes to battle against one another for the seat, and therefore he went through numerous life-threatening situations with other princes involving the succession. It was typical to have assassination attempts on him and soon on his sister as well. Currently the Sultan is their younger half-brother (by a different mother) Al Ispahini, and he is always dealing with the wrong people.

When Sapi Al Din was 12 he saw Sherazard would be in great danger, so they both exiled and devoted themselves to religion, Angra. Angra is the prominent religion in Tur. Its teachings are that when the end of the world comes, Angra Mainyu, the messenger of destruction will bring the end to the dying world. Then Spenta Mainyu, the messenger of creation will create a new, better world. The Angra religion also promotes equality of all living beings and has similar beliefs on existence to those of Hindu.

Over time Sapi Al Din rose in influence among the commoners and became Caliph. Both the Caliph and Sultan had very different ways of doing things because of their nature. The Caliph of Tur governs the southern part, is supported by the commoners and uses mercenaries for military force. The Sultan governs the northern part, is supported by the nobles and uses regular armies. The Shivan Scimitar episode of WOGIII begins as Sapi Al Din plans his attempts to regain the throne.