• Reflection 
[ Translation by Demian. Thanks so much! ]

What has led the world is not an individual's intention but the purest instinct of life itself; the most precious, unchangeable intention towards life from the very origin of the world.

Incomplete beings unite with each other to be complete.

And as a result, new, minor errors among them happen in the process.

That is the desire for life, and evolution.

I become a new being, and again strive to evolve into another, newer being.

Even though the dream of life is always turned down easily, one can only evolve when pain is endured.

I live, and the world lives, when everything changes endlessly, I realized there is an eternal life.

That's, that's why I now believe I could meet you again.

You, the being that completes me.

Reuniting with you is the sole intention of my life and the evolution of my life.

Because of it, even though the world goes on, now I know it is not meaningless, for there will always be unknown factors and evolution.

I believe there will be a time when I can give you back what you've given me.

And I will tell you when we meet again, when the time comes.

Of course, I won't recognize the meaning at that time, but at least a part of myself that evolved will feel the meaning deep inside my heart.

Now, now I want to meet you again.

The way may be different, but if the world lives on, we will meet again... somewhere, sometime...

*Saladin/Sherazard together* I want to meet you again.