• Relationships 
Saladin (1259~)
Saladin (aka Phillip Pandragon) is a 21 year old leader of a mercenary group that supports the Caliph. With many other people's help he trained hard to get where he is.
Sapi Al Din (1256~1282)
A 24 year old Caliph who is a free spirit unrestrained by traditions. He is a natural born leader with charisma and a good heart which keeps him level headed.
Adus Bay (1244~1282)
A 36 year old assassin who is Sherazard's personal bodyguard and only is concerned for her welfare. Not powerful, but stealthy enough to direct enemies away.
Osman Nurifasha (1252~)
28 year old Janissary knight who is exceedingly arrogant and cruel. He has control over Cardis and captures Sherazard under the Sultan's orders.
Al Ispahini
Sultan ruling over north Tur, and the complete opposite of Sapi Al Din. Sherazard always forgives him because he is their half-brother.
Marzana (1262~1282)
18 year old Shivan Scimitar mercenary equal to Saladin in strength because they both were taught by Gifarang. Saladin trusts her to protect Sherazard.
Ibn Sina (1259~)
21 year old Muslim like Sherazard. He is one of the few people who understands Sherazard's seemingly rash decisions. He seems to be hiding something though.
Beaumont (1262~)
The young and ambitious Granduke of Pandragon. Seeks revenge on Tur for making him and his brother POWs 10 years ago. He still keeps their flute close to his heart.
Iron Mask
A mysterious man who has a strange agenda. An expert fighter who must be from Pandragon. He tries to kill Saladin many times and regrettably kills Sapi Al Din.
Dr. Sigmund
A highly intelligent old man from the Institute of Scientific Magic. He later has Sherazard frozen forever at Saladin's request.
Embla von Prios
A doctor specializing in spiritual energy. Looks similar to and hates Sherazard, because Saladin still loves her.
He was the result of Saladin's attempt to revive Sherazard using his Doll. Raised by Embla and has few memories and visions of his previous life.
Unknown Woman
A nameless woman seen in the ending. It is hinted that she is a reincarnation of Sherazard.
Unknown Man
A nameless man seen in the ending. It is hinted that he is a reincarnation of Saladin.