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Continued from Sherazard's profile.

Sapi Al Din's power grew within the religion with support among all commoners of Tur, and he received a prophecy that he will be "the Glorious Successor." As prophesied, at age 22, he became Caliph. Using his power as Caliph, he begins a revolt against his half-brother; Al Ispahini, the current Sultan, to claim the throne that was rightfully his and unite all of Tur which has become too unstable in recent years.

Sapi Al Din was about to battle against Ispahini, as tradition for the throne but Sherazard is captured by a Janissary Knight and the game begins. Sapi Al Din recruited a mercenary group to help him, Shivan Scimitar. The leader was known as Saladin...

          • [ 1281.60 ] A maiden fortress, Cardis  
Osman Nurifasha of the Janissary Knights keeps Sherazard captive in the fortress Cardis. The defense of this fortress is so strong that some of the Shivan Scimitar members are against infiltrating it, due to the dangers. However Marzana says nothing against Saladin's plans. In fact, Marzana's home village was destroyed by Osman himself and she was the sole survivor, she has a strong hatred for him. Of course a frontal attack on the fortress would be impossible with even ten times their battle strength, so a way in through a cave (which they notice is home to young Azi Dahaka) was found.

While Shivan Scimitar is entering the underground prison section, they actually were not unnoticed. Above, Ibn Sina informs Osman of Shivan Scimitar's presence and is dissatisfied with Osman's response, feeling that he overestimated his power once again and didn't take anyone else's advice. Ibn Sina is also unhappy with the inhumane decisions Osman is continually making.

Saladin's group makes their way in then rescues Sherazard and Adus Bay. This is where Sherazard and Saladin meet for the first time. Time is running out, and they have to leave, but Sherazard refuses. She believes she needs to stay and care for the terminally ill people in the prison. All prisoners also can't be escorted out, because then their exit would be noticed. So an alternative tactic is decided on, one where half of Shivan Scimitar stays and battles while everyone escapes.

On the way out Osman has already ordered a huge concentration of troops, making things very difficult. During the battle Ibn Sina is fed up with Osman's atrocity and joins Saladin's group, making it possible to defeat Osman.

          • [ 1271 ] Flashback  
The young Azi Dahaka and the Cardis prison made Saladin have a flashback. Ten years ago Phillip and his younger brother John, the princes of Pandragon, were imprisoned by Tur under the Sultan's rule. Both countries had conflicting religions. Phillip was kind and worried immensely over his sickly younger brother, he tried many things to cheer him up. They tried to not lose hope, by remembering their family (older sister Elizabeth in particular), and that the Pandragon army was the best in the world..

When John became very sick, Phillip requested the Keepers to allow him to rest. They might have killed him for being useless and unable to do the physical work all prisoners had to. To cheer John up, Phillip showed him a flute and played a tune on it. He then let John try it, and had him promise to practice and play it well.

One day John found a weakness in the wall, and if they could remove enough bricks they'd have a way out. So they planned their escape, slowly removing bricks from the wall each night. When they did escape, they almost made their way out, but John dropped the flute and tried to pick it up. Phillip said to leave it, but it was too late. They were surrounded and Phillip physically shielded John from the bullets as they got gunned down.

Phillip's body is later dumped in a cave of dead bodies. The prison keepers feared this place, as Azi Dahaka lived near it. Azi Dahaka are extremely intelligent and usually attack humans they don't like, except these dragons rescued Phillip. Phillip recovers, wondering why he is alive and realizes the strange water there must have healed him, and that John might have died.

In the cave Phillip met a young Azi Dahaka child and somehow understood what its chirping meant. He was strangely getting along with it and knew everything it was saying. He told the bird all of what had happened to him, and apparently they had similar problems. They made their way out of the cave and went back to the prison to hopefully find John, but found nobody there. Phillip then collapsed.

Phillip woke up again to find himself under the care of a mercenary called Gifarang. Gifarang noticed that his pure blonde hair marks him as Pandragon Royalty and asked him how he got to Tur, but Phillip did not answer. Gifarang did explain himself to Phillip though. He was a mercenary that sometimes works for money, and sometimes not.. He also teaches his students how to live and how to fight, and those who are good enough join his group; Shivan Scimitar.

Gifarang pointed out Phillip won't last long with his hair and name. It was also normal for many of his friends to be disguised. He taught Phillip about hair dye which lasts until he soaks it in an alkaline water and gave him a new name, Saladin.

          • [ 1281.80 ] Saint Sherazard of Mutanabi  
Shivan Scimitar is notified that assassins directly under command of the Sultan are invading villages. The Sultan is trying to show that villages supporting the Caliph are unsafe. Marzana is angry at the notion of people being sacrificed for politics, but Saladin explains this is why war must occur. It stops even greater sacrifices from happening.

In one of the villages Sherazard and her protector, Adus Bay are surrounded by Assassins. Sherazard tries to order him to protect the villagers instead, and of course he refuses. Shivan Scimitar arrives and helps them out. Saladin doesn't understand why Sherazard willingly places herself in danger. Ibn Sina explains the customs and teachings of being a Muslim, which makes her actions not only her choice but an obligation.

Adus Bay briefs Saladin on the situation. An infectious disease is being spread in the Mutanabi region and Sherazard is trying to find a cure. The man in charge of the assassins who were sent to disrupt them was most likely Rashka, another Janissary knight. They decide to go after Rashka and stop his takeover. Sherazard and the villagers are then very grateful.

          • [ 1281.140 ] Tibian Harbor  
Sherazard has accompanied Saladin on many missions and they have become more familiar with one another, it also seems Saladin gives her courage, which she is thankful for. The Caliph also has much trust for Saladin and asks him in person to get control over Tibian. Tibian is important for trade with the rest of Antaria, and right now Tibian is occupied by pirates. It is dangerous but Saladin tells him not to worry.

Sherazard asks Saladin if she can come. Not only would she help, her presence would add to Sapi Al Din's influence over the area. Saladin tells her it would be dangerous, but Sherazard laughs and reminds Saladin he told everyone else not to worry earlier. Saladin realizes he underestimated her because she actually understands him more than he thought. He then asks her politely to meet the next morning, right at dawn and she gracefully thanks him.

The next night on the way to Tibian, Sherazard can't sleep. She stands alone at the desert oasis when Saladin finds her. He also can't sleep, both their minds were too active. Sherazard was thinking of the past, how life with her brother was. Saladin says he understands how she must have felt, suffering such hardships when young.

Sherazard then talks about what it was like when they were young, Ispahini was nice, shy, a kind person. When Sapi Al Din turned 7, suddenly many assassination attempts were made on him and Sherazard (surely Ispahini was not behind any attempts). They had to be exiled for their own safety, and Sapi Al Din (the oldest son) could not succeed as Sultan. Saladin thinks that all is in the past and that now things have changed, and that what's expected of Sherazard and Sapi Al Din must happen. Sherazard takes his advice and they both go to sleep.

The next morning strange rumors are in the villages. A fragrance is being carried from the mountains and after it passes, monsters and wild animals increase in activity. Sherazard tells everyone this must be the Gerbera, a legendary flower that blooms once every 100 years and can heal just about anything and would be enough for several hundred people. Sherazard believes she must get it by all means and not let this rare opportunity pass. She then says she must go alone so that they can defend the village, but Saladin of course would not allow such a thing (the Caliph wouldn't allow it either) and says he will accompany her.

That night Sherazard and Saladin enter a cave where the scent is strongest. Saladin doesn't understand how she is able to find it, so he says that she work on finding the flower while he takes care of the monsters. Sherazard spots it and Saladin approaches the flower first for her safety, but monsters attack and severely wound him. Saladin looses consciousness and Sherazard tries to think of options, the only one being to save him using the flower. She feels guilt that Saladin is almost dead because of her but realizes maybe using the flower on him was destiny.

When Saladin starts coming to, he hallucinates calling for John and his older sister. Sherazard wonders if that's someone's name then tries to wake him up. Saladin thanks her for healing him but she says it was all the Gerbera's work. Saladin can't believe that the flower was all used on him though. Saladin laughs because their whole trip was wasted and Sherazard realizes the irony of it too. They then hurry back to regroup with Shivan Scimitar.

Shivan Scimitar occupies Tibian and the people there (due to Sherazard's influence) also support the Caliph. Sapi Al Din and Shivan Scimitar then arrange some new tactics against the Sultan. The story breaks into two minor branches now, where you either do trade with Antaria or get rid of enemy ships.

          • [ 1281.200 ] Janissary Yan Zisuka  
Shivan Scimitar's group returns to Tur because a Janissary named Yan Zisuka is attacking. Yan is one of the most powerful Janissaries in existence, and comes from a powerful family. Yan is stopped and Saladin orders Valor to have her put in prison. Sapi Al Din is worried about her escaping, and it seems Saladin is keeping a secret.

Saladin's party then has to retake the Shivan fortress, which also was occupied while they were gone. When done, Ibn Sina believes that if they occupy Cardis this wouldn't happen again. So Saladin decides they will take over Cardis and battle against Osman. Sapi Al Din finally starts to battle for his claim to the throne but Shivan Scimitar has many encounters with the Janissary knights' armies working for the Sultan.

Another person in Sapi Al Din's way is Iron Mask. This powerful man stalks Saladin (believing he is the Dark Prince) and tries to kill him many times. If it wasn't for another strange and equally powerful man called Sith protecting Saladin (for reasons unknown and calling him "Master"), he'd be dead.

          • [ 1282.60 ] Battle of Sizia  
Saladin visits Yan in the Cardis fortress and she's demanding to be killed instead of being left a prisoner. He then mentions that true courage is facing humility, and Yan recognizes him as Phillip. In the past it was she who taught Philip humility, when he was a prisoner here. When Yan was a young girl, her grandfather who guided her training made her go to Cardis and test Philip's skill (because he was a Pandragon prince). Yan out skilled him every time and Saladin couldn't take it anymore. He tried to kill himself but it was she who stopped him and taught him that facing humiliation is part of true courage.

Yan joins Shivan Scimitar, and although Sapi Al Din was worried about the Janissary knight's reputation, the fact that Saladin had full confidence in her made him decide to support her. This helps because they need her strength during their final battles against the Sultan's forces.

          • [ 1282.120 ] Flame of Zabidan  
In Zabidan, Shivan Scimitar takes out the Sultan's last strongholds including Al Farabi himself. Sapi Al Din would soon have the throne, and it's revealed that Al Farabi (Ispahini's mother's father) is the reason behind all those assassination attempts on Sapi Al Din and Sherazard since they were young, not Ispahini. However the Janissary group (Osman Nurifasha, Al Asher, Rashka, Ishtar) plans an escape to the Antaria continent. Osman actually takes the Sultan Ispahini hostage while surprisingly Sherazard and Sapi Al Din surrender to his terms (allow them to go to Antaria, and they'll return Ispahini on another boat). Although they battle against each other, they are still family and were close..

Osman's party leaves Tur safely on a ship, and when they realize there's no need for Ispahini anymore (and that their route might be discovered), Osman murders him. Ispahini's body was left on a boat and Saladin's party brings it in at the seashore. Sherazard heals him enough to speak, and Ispahini lasts long enough to say that resents their battling against each other, and thanks Sherazard for forgiving him. Tur's civil war would be ending and Sapi Al Din becomes Sultan.

          • [ 1282.140 ] Successor of Muramad  
Before the coronation ceremony, Sapi Al Din and Saladin have a meeting. They discuss how they will now focus on peace even if it's a distant goal. They have ideas of possibly forming a peace treaty, but decide right now they should get the ceremony over with. They also were unaware that Iron Mask was watching this meeting and was not yet finished with them. The ceremony begins and Iron Mask believing that Sapi Al Din is the Dark Prince, assassinates Sapi Al Din. Shivan Scimitar did what they could but it was simply impossible to stop Iron Mask and protect Sapi Al Din.

When Saladin and Shivan Scimitar's group recovers, Yan points out that whoever Iron Mask was, his sword skill was similar to that of someone from Pandragon. They also realize a new successor is needed to stop the civil war in Tur from starting again. There also was a strong possibility that the Janissaries would be causing a strong rebellion.

Sherazard was the perfect candidate, younger sister of the Caliph (which gets support from all Angragodans) and someone who had support from many regions, even if she wasn't a man. Since Sherazard doesn't feel up to it, Saladin had to persuade her. Sherazard was still mourning, and said that she'd rather have Saladin take the position. Saladin becomes angry with her naivety and slaps her.

He makes her wake up and realize that although she believes in healing and helping everyone, more innocents will die because of battles still happening afterward, if he was Sultan there would be revolts among nobles over a commoner having such political power. One slap was nothing compared to the pain other people will need to suffer if she didn't unite Tur, all the work her brother did would be for nothing. Sherazard still dazed, decides she must be a leader and accepts.

          • [ 1282.160 ] Storm of Desert  
Sherazard summons Saladin to her room and speaks with him about her uncertainties. She believes in Saladin but doesn't think she can handle everything alone. Saladin tells her that she must learn to endure it, and be victorious in war because this is how one survives.

The meeting takes a turn when Sherazard asks Saladin to hold her, she says when she's in his arms she feels safest. Saladin also has a strong attraction for her but never acted on it before, he simply tells her they shouldn't be together because of a secret he has kept hidden all this time. Sherazard asks for it but he fears she wouldn't forgive him for keeping it, and brushes it off as an old story with a boring ending. When their world is at peace, he would tell everyone.

Saladin also says that after that, if she allows it, he wants to propose to her (marriage!). Sherazard replies by saying she loves him, no matter what kind of past he had. They then share their first kiss.

As predicted the Janissaries have begun a rebellion on their return, and unexpectedly sided with Pandragon on an invasion. While Shivan Scimitar was trying to strengthen their hold over Cardis and Sizia, Saladin worries about Sherazard and hopes Marzana (with Adus Bay) being left to protect her would suffice.

Right at that moment a messenger comes to say that a huge scale Pandragon raid is happening. Pandragon's forces were using cheap, unfair tactics that are considered an act of unprovoked war, and even gathered support from some of the nobles in Tur. The Scimitars want to reorganize their mercenary group to attack, but by then it would be too late. So Saladin leaves on his own for the palace, because the priority is Sherazard's safety, while everyone else will reorganize the backup as soon as possible.

What happened was Beaumont took advantage of Tur still being in civil war, with the Sultan and Caliph having been assassinated. Some nobles (including Janissaries) joined Beaumont because they don't like the idea of a commoner becoming Sultan. Aside from easily invading and infiltrating many areas (because of having some of Tur's people on his side and people posing as commoners), Beaumont had plans to marry Sherazard. Beaumont even surprised even Osman with his level of cruelty. Joel worried that Sherazard would not agree to the marriage, but Beaumont said her agreeing was not important. Marrying her would snuff out any possibilities of future rebellions against him ruling over Tur, it's also because he can't instantly declare Tur as part of Pandragon.

On his way to the palace Saladin is nearly delayed by Iron Mask and receives help from a Sith again. He passes many huge groups of Pandragon armies and infiltrates the Sultan Palace, which also is filled with Pandragon's soldiers. Among them is Beaumont (who is leading this battle) and Marzana is still busy trying to protect Sherazard (Adus was in another region and had to battle against Osman's troops). Saladin is glad he wasn't too late.

Beaumont finds it funny that one person alone is the attempted rescue party. Saladin and Marzana then battle against Beaumont's troops, and help Sherazard escape on Azi Dahaka. Although Sherazard was now Sultan, the war situation took precedence. Shivan Scimitar then had to take a defensive position because they were severely outnumbered.

          • [ 1282.200 ] Destiny of the fate  
The war situation slowly becomes more disadvantageous to Sherazard. Feeling it won't be ending as soon as they thought, Saladin decides to tell her his secret. Showing his pure golden hair for the first time, he said he was the former prince and true heir to the Pandragon throne (few people have this exact type of blonde hair). Pandragon is the enemy of Tur they have been fighting against all this time. His original intention was to stay in Tur and get revenge for his brother, but he didn't anticipate feeling so close to Sapi Al Din and Sherazard.. Even after she heard this, Sherazard said she still would stand by his side and love him, no matter where he's from. (they kiss again in this scene too)

Their original intentions were to possibly mediate peace between their two countries. However it seems impossible now, as Pandragon has committed acts of war against Tur. Saladin leaves to face Pandragon's camps himself and hopefully negotiate by revealing who he is. On the way, once again Saladin is stalked by Iron Mask and this time, no Sith is there to save him. Saladin escapes on his own and tries to go back, but has to face a camp of Pandragon troops. After defeating them all he finds Marzana collapsed in a meeting tent. Marzana barely explains what happened, telling Saladin she's sorry she couldn't protect Sherazard well enough. She then dies in his arms, making Saladin very, very angry. Saladin then alone fights against the rest of Beaumont's troops to face him.

Finally Saladin fights against Beaumont, alone. As Beaumont is about to loose, his precious flute falls out of his shirt and Saladin notices it. Saladin is shocked at seeing it and can't believe that this possibly is his brother, so he tries to pick it up. Beaumont makes Saladin's hesitation his advantage (he's also angry about someone trying to take his most precious item) and then defeats Saladin. Beaumont is about to kill Saladin but an Azi Dahaka swoops down to rescue him.

Both Saladin and Beaumont didn't know that Iron Mask was watching them the whole time, and it was he who rescued Saladin. Iron Mask noticed what Saladin had said, then had him healed in a pool of water very similar to where Saladin was healed as a young boy. As Saladin was healed in the water (which contains alkaline), his hair lost the dye, showing his naturally golden hair. Iron Mask is shocked because Saladin would therefore be the missing heir to Pandragon.

          • [ 1282.220 ] Phoenix  
As expected, the situation became really bad. In Saladin's absence Sherazard was taken captive. She and Beaumont have a confrontation in her room. Beaumont arrogantly introduces himself as the Granduke of Pandragon and her new master. He says the arrangements have been made, that he will be married to her, and if she follows his orders things will be easier. Sherazard says she does not want to marry him, and that she loves someone else already.

Beaumont's mind is clouded by memories of his childhood with Phillip and he argues back convinced he must do this. He says the idea of love is a silly dream which royalty and nobles can never have. Besides, by the time the war in Tur and Pandragon is over they will have adjusted to one another. Sherazard protests but Beaumont says her destiny is cursed. His mind is focused on one word "revenge" and it's not said what happens after this, but he chases Sherazard and you hear her screaming.. (he wants to consume and secure their marriage)

Iron Mask must have dyed Saladin's hair for him again, because Saladin's hair was a dark color again. Iron Mask left Saladin's barely conscious body at Shivan fortress, which was later found by the Scimitar members when they were avoiding the Crimson Crusaders. Yan, Valor, Adus and Mukapah try to take control of the situation, but when they move out of Shivan fortress they are surrounded. They're overwhelmed and the sickly Saladin is taken out. The Shivan Scimitars surrender and ask for Saladin to be spared, before being executed by Osman, Al Asher and Rashka's group. They each say their final words to Saladin in the hopes he might hear.

The last in line is Yan and Osman approaches her, offering her a chance to come back to his side. He has her untied and shows that he didn't plan on keeping his word of sparing Saladin. Osman says they can rule Tur together, but Yan slaps him instead of replying. Osman gets angry at her and orders for Saladin to be gunned down. Yan runs to block the bullets from reaching Saladin (just like he once did for John) and says goodbye. Witnessing the death of what was like an older sister to him was the catalyst needed to bring Saladin back to the real world, and he howls in pain.

Saladin then fights Osman and Al Asher, then Herald, Joel and the entire Pandragon invasion troupe passing Cardis then Sizia. Most of this is thanks to the legendary sword (Giga Death) Iron Mask secretly gave him.

          • [ 1283.20 ] The Brothers  
Saladin fought his way into the Sultan's palace and Sherazard's room to find Beaumont with his sword to her throat, surrounded by guards. Apparently Beaumont was waiting for him, he says luck is what has allowed Saladin to get so far and that it ends here. Beaumont orders Saladin to lower his weapons or else he kills Sherazard. Saladin says he'll find a way out of this but Sherazard says to not drop his weapons for her sake because she is no longer pure. Beaumont laughs, saying a union between Tur's leader and the Pandragon royal family is wonderful, because Tur will also belong to him.

Saladin asks why he did this, and Beaumont explains it's revenge for something Saladin could never understand. He then says if Saladin doesn't drop his swords, he will kill her. Saladin drops his swords and Sherazard protests, asking Saladin why he won't show who he really is, now that he's face to face with someone from Pandragon. Saladin says that his past is gone, he lived as Turin and will die as Turin. Beaumont then orders his soldiers to arrest Saladin. Sherazard tells Saladin she doesn't want to be a burden to him and wants to show courage for once. While saying that she kisses Beaumont, making a distraction that gives Saladin a chance to use his weapons. However, Beaumont soon sees through this and kills her. Beaumont leaves and Saladin holds onto Sherazard.

Saladin asks why she did this and she says that when she lost her purity, she thought Saladin wouldn't be able to face her again, as Beaumont said. She thanks Saladin for choosing to be Turin, but asks him to promise to go back to Pendragon and forgive everyone. Sherazard asks him to be the light of not only Tur and Pandragon, but for everyone in the world. Saladin hopelessly tells her not to die, because without her he can't live. Saladin doesn't understand this because the whole world is their enemy, and weakly she tells him this is her dying wish. He says it's such a difficult promise she's leaving with him.. Her voice becomes very weak and before her eyes close as she realizes something, "I feel that sometime... sometime we'll meet again..". Saladin calls her name but she only whispers goodbye.

Saladin then duels against Beaumont and defeats him. Beaumont tells Saladin to kill him but Saladin uses his sword to get his flute instead. Saladin plays their song fully and Beaumont finally realizes that Saladin must be Phillip. Beaumont asks if he's really his older brother and Saladin simply tells him he must become a good King. Saladin then kisses him on the forehead, and Beaumont cries, chuckling as though he has lost his mind..

          • [ 1283.20 ] Lightblinger  
Saladin carries Sherazard's body out to the desert where Iron Mask encounters them. Iron Mask tells Saladin he knows that Saladin is really Phillip of Pandragon, and then Saladin is brought aboard the Lightbringer, a futuristic spaceship. Iron Mask is actually his cousin (and brother in-law by Elizabeth), King Clauzewitz Pandragon who has been secretly working with ISS members (Joan and Christian) for a greater cause this whole time (he's also the hero of previous WOG games). Saladin is then educated about history, the War of Genesis, Angra Mainyu, and agreeing with their purpose he also begins to work for their cause.

Saladin explains who Sherazard was and Iron Mask says that she actually can be frozen and sealed with magic so the body doesn't decay. Later Saladin finds out that people can be put in stasis, and requests that Sherazard be frozen forever in that manner like some of the other people on the ship. Dr. Sigmund would normally be the one to do the job but first he asks why, since Sherazard has been dead so long. There's no chance of her coming back to life. Saladin says it's because he loves her, and by doing so he can protect her for the rest of his life. Iron Mask understand's his feelings as well, and Dr. Sigmund agrees to it.

The game continues, Angra Mainyu eventually occurs and Iron Mask is absorbed into it while using the Asura sword (which actually was part of the conspiracy anyway). But Sherazard's story has not really ended..