• The End 
Instead of being destroyed with the whole world by Angra Mainyu, the Lightbringer (with Saladin, Christian, Joan, and Sherazard's frozen body aboard) travelled to what seems like another planet. In fact it was a distant future. It's a long story (visit Acumen for more details) but after some time, Sherazard does end up being revived, in a way.

Saladin killed himself, using his own body as a Doll for Sherazard's energy to transfer into, so his love can come back to life. However, because Sherazard had been dead for so long and Saladin was male, she was revived as a very feminine male.

Embla who was torn between hating Sherazard and her futile love for Saladin ended up taking in this young child and called it Beramode, after Dr. K's mascot. Beramode had strange dreams and recognized things which surely must have been his lost past, including Embla. Beramode also felt he was empty, that something was missing in his life, the purpose for his life. Embla lied to Beramode about his origins, but Beramode finally remembers it all when he sees Saladin's dead body.

Sherazard/Beramode's longing to be with Saladin is something that continues for eternity. However the true purpose for longing to be with Saladin is not just love, it's the paradox of Antaria and Arche. Without Antaria, Arche would never have come into existence, without Arche, Antaria would never have existed either. Beramode's purpose is to keep the cycle (Circle of Mobius) repeating by manipulating people and events. Saladin is the crux of the two worlds being created and Beramode is who makes sure that it does. Saladin and Sherazard endlessly meet, fall in love, and mourn the discovery of losing of each other. Will it ever end?

Beramode isn't like Saint Sherazard. Like Saladin, Beramode is surrounded by death; people die for and against him in order for the Circle of Mobius to continue. Lots of things happen, and Beramode is sent to the past, as he is seen in the previous War of Genesis games. In that space of time, Beramode tries to right all the wrongs that happen using this knowledge of the future, in order to somehow break out of this loop.

In the ending of WOGIIIp2 Sherazard/Beramode makes a speech about the universe, what she's done and how through all this she still wants to be with Saladin and how she thanks him for giving her life, again and again. With her planning, her changing the cycle little by little, each time, she believes they will be reunited, in the endless space of time... but without the pain of reliving the Circle of Mobius, an ideal time.

Finally, you see an FMV of a nameless woman and a man who meet by chance. The world they are in is much different from Sherazard's, Beramode's and Saladin's. One can tell that it's far off in the future too, another space, another time. The man drops his pocket watch, and the woman picks it up, and gives it to him, they then start a conversation..