• Why 
It started one night while on #ffonline. I was flipping around for a character I like, which is tough since I liked them all, to rename myself to at the Digital Flare boards.

Bera posted an url to wog3p1 designs, and when I saw Sherazard's something clicked. She was in a position I often sit in, had an expression I sometimes have and she looked a bit like me.

Later I saw a picture of Saladin from wog3p1, while looking for someone to rename my boyfriend's account to. I thought he looks great, so my boyfriend's account was later renamed to him.

Beramode nicknamed herself as the obligatory very-pretty boy. We later found out from Demian how fitting what we chose was, both Sherazard and Saladin were in love, and what's funnier is Ashurei's but I wont go into that heheee.

After going through the story details and then playing the game, I couldn't begin to describe how much I really like Sherazard's character. Her age was also the same as mine at the start (the game was released at 1999, I was 19). Like most gals who make character studies on female characters, I have to say "She's what I aspire to be". I share the same values and have the same decisions, except I doubt I'd have enough courage to make them.

WOG3 is still my favorite game in the series, gameplay and storywise. I want whoever leaves this shrine to have a permanent impression left on themselves as I did by playing the games and making it.