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I created this site during the summer of 2001 because I love Shiva's Indian/Hindu inspired design. Ice/Water element is also my preferred magic in any game.

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Thank You
To the Team Lace members! Especially Joan, Leen, Nev, Rucien, Ashurei, Gundam, Tidus, Anjira, Ayame, Mai, Elle, Michi, Shadow, and everyone who went out of their way to force, er, help me out in making this site a reality.

All of you sincerely wanting to help made me so happy, I felt like crying! It's nice to know that you're always thinking of me whenever you scan something or find something for my site.

A huge amount of thanks goes to my dad for the whole origins section. Although you can find the exact same info and better on various sites, he taught me about Shiva and told me Hindu stories ever since I was young. The images in the origins section are also at my house. They're used for when praying during feast days.

The FFXI section is thanks to my linkshell RageOfDark. They supported me in getting the Summoner Job and the Avatars at a time when it wasn't easy. The FFTA section is special thanks to Mintaka, she emulated FFTA and made those high quality screenshots of the GBA game. Joan and Chubb also helped with all of the FFU section since I have no interest in watching the anime.

Alternate sources on game info includes ultimanias, artbooks, art museum cards, the official websites, and guide books by V-Jump.