~  Frequently Asked Questions  ~ 
Before emailing me, please check to see if your question is already answered below.

Can I take something from your shrine?
In general, no. Plenty of work has gone into this site and it's for visitors, not leeches. This includes plagiarizing or rewriting what is here, don't do it. For fanart and computer files ask the creators listed with them. It happens all too often that people rip code, content and in general everything from my sites.

Can I use your pictures in a layout?
If the image is from this shrine only then please link back to http://rinoa.nu/shiva. Most images were made specifically for this site and if you take it from here, you wouldn't be giving proper credit to everyone who worked hard.

FF Shiva is Hindu in origin?
Yes, it is. I am aware of another Shiva in folklore but that one is not related to the FF Series' Shiva.

Why isn't she called a Summon Beast?
As localization teams became more consistent in their work, it became a tradition to change the word 'Summoned Beast' in the JP version to something else in the non-JP versions. With each game, localization specialists would have a new word, such as 'Eidolon' or 'Avatar'. There is no special reason but the tradition apparently will hold. All the English meanings are very similar and roll off the tongue better, anyway.

What's "Shoukan Kedamono Shiva"?
The old site title. In every successive FF game, "Shoukan Kedamono" is what summons are called the Japanese games. However, visitors had a hard time spelling "Shoukan Kedamono". Now the title is "Diamonds Are Forever".

Can I submit art, icons or cosplay?
Please do! Cosplay I will accept only if you are the person cosplaying. It's rude to put pictures of someone up without permission. The one thing I don't host is fanfiction, you can go to Fanfiction.net for it.

How long will this site be around?
As long as I can help it. I intend to keep updating it with every successive appearance of Shiva as I play each game's Japanese version. You will notice that sometimes I will only be using the Japanese game's terms. This is because I have not played most of the English games and can only read about it.