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Also known as Final Fantasy XI Online Another World. It definitely does feel like a real world. Originally there were no Summoners in the game, because it would ruin the world's balance. However Shiva was a game server and was a constellation.

Vision of Zilart
Final Fantasy XI's expansion which is released on April 17, 2003 opened up many of the previously closed parts of the FFXI world. It also opened new job classes including Summoner. To become Summoner one must have a level 30 job and do a difficult quest which begins at Windurst.

To be able to use the beast summons, one must have a level 60+ party and successfully defeat the Prime summon in a boss battle OR be level 20 Summoner and attempt to solo the Avatar. However to enter that battle, one must have "fame" within a certain city to accept the quest. See my FF11 Summoner Job Guide at gamefaqs.com for more details.

For Shiva's trial, fame is needed in the cold country of San d'Oria. A taru named Gulmama in North San d'Oria offers the quest. The quest is called "Trial of Ice" and your party must travel to Fei Yin to battle Shiva.

If you are a level 20 Summoner you can also choose to do the "mini" version of the quest. To get that quest, have the required fame and speak to the NPC beside Gulmama. You will then be teleported to the Cloister at Fei Yin. To win you must solo an easier version of the trial with only Carbuncle and a level 20 cap.

Shoukan Kedamono this time is called Avatar. The origin of the word comes from Hindu mythology. Avatar has several similar meanings, in FFXI's case it means the incarnation of a god from the astral plane. Shiva also looks like she is an Elvaan.

In every major Vana d'iel city, someone is found mapping the stars. If you speak to them, they'll show you a map of constellations and talk about them.

To find Shiva, use The North Star as a guide (sailors use the North Star to guide them as well) and Aeomatra the cyan coloured star which represents Shiva's head. In the design, the Aeomatra is a star shaped Bindi on Shiva's forehead.

Battle Preparation (Normal Trial)
When buffs are in place, the party touches the "Ice Protocrystal" to have an event and enters the battlefield. The party goes up the ramp near Shiva's spot and cast prepatory spells.

Mages should keep up Blink, BaSleepRa, BaBlizRa (no Stoneskin). The Bard should sing Ice Carol for everyone continually. Everyone then poisons themselves with an item to avoid falling asleep.

Battle Description (Normal Trial)
Make a formation however you wish, but it's best to have one person dedicated to tanking, one dedicated to curing + ba spells, and a Bard for carol. When Shiva's HP is around 40-60% gone, Shiva will do 'Diamond Dust'. The damage can be as high as 1200 depending on the party's ice defense. Mages should try to run out of its range if they see her casting it or read the log.

After a successful battle everyone returns to the tarutaru in San d'Oria to get an event. They then can choose from "Shiva Claw", "Ice Belt", "Ice Ring", 10000gil or ability to summon Shiva.
Shiva Claw (Hand to Hand)
D+11 Delay+60 INT+3 AIM+8
Additional Effect: Paralyse
Ice Belt (Waist)
PhysicalDF6 FireDF-20 WindDF+20
OnIceDay: INT+3
Lv65~ All Jobs
Ice Ring (Ring)
OnIceDay: MP-15% SpiritMagicSkill+15
Lv65~ All Jobs

As you level the actual Summon Job up, Shiva will learn abilities. "Summon Magic Skill" will also go up each time you summon. The July 2006 patch of FFXI has added Heavenly Strike for players to use when summoning Shiva. Players must be Level 75 Summoner and must use Merit Points so that Shiva can learn it.

Diamond Dust - pinchMP (Astral Flow Ability)
Lv1: Axe Kick - 10MP (Physical attack)
Lv10: BlizzardII - 30MP (Ice magic, often resisted)
Lv28: Frost Armor - 63MP (Party IceSpike 1m30s)
Lv40: SleepGa - 52MP (Sleep on enemies in range)
Lv50: DoubleSlap - 96MP (2 physical attacks)
Lv60: BlizzardIV - 118MP (Ice magic, often resisted)
Lv70: Rush - 164MP (5 physical attacks)
Lv75: HeavenlyStrike (Ice damage, special attack)