~  Final Fantasy XII  ~ 
Although Shiva doesn't appear in the PS2 game, she has a major appearance in the spinoff.

Final Fantasy XII
In FFXII for the Playstation 2, Shiva didn't fit the mythological theme that was applied to the game. Mateus, who also appeared in FFTA, took her place as the ice summon.

However, the familiar summons had airships named after them. Shiva appears as a top Light Cruiser Class airship that belongs to the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army.

Revenant Wings
In the FFXII spinoff for the Nintendo DS, Shiva appears as a true rank 3 summon. Her summon element is Water and her type is Magical. Of note, this is the only game where Shiva appears as both male and female.

Ranks and Abilities
Rank 1 ~ Baby Shiva: Blizzard
Rank 2 ~ Darling Shiva: Absolute Zero
Rank 3 ~ Shiva: Slap, Diamond Dust